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Zuckerberg: for when CEO do not code good sad Tencent technology news Facebook head Zuckerberg before the date of visit to Africa, in a public occasion, miss Zuckerberg said of his time when programming. According to the U.S. CNN website reported that in a Nigeria capital Lagos open question and answer session, Zuckerberg talked about the past programming career, "I miss the preparation process that is simple and elegant, the program code can achieve what you want, but some things that humans cannot." Zuckerberg logic is not satisfactory, the statement, triggering a laughter around the crowd. Zuckerberg quickly added that people can surprise themselves by going beyond their dreams and expectations. Harvard University in the period, Zuckerberg is a master of programming and technology geeks, campus beauty scoring site preparation of his own hot moment, Zuckerberg also entrusted by the development of social networking sites, he later developed Facebook, the first is a college student for users of social networks, and later began to go out of the campus, to the whole society, until today becomes the world’s largest social network, Zuckerberg has become a billionaire and has a huge influence on the global celebrity. Zuckerberg arrived in Nigeria on Tuesday for his first visit to sub Saharan africa. According to Facebook statement, Zuckerberg’s purpose is to better support the development of science and technology in Africa and entrepreneurship. In the above meeting, Zuckerberg recalled that he was often able to break the more difficult technical problems into many small steps, so he uses his technical ability to gradually build a Facebook platform. In addition, his ability to break the technical problems, but also from the preparation of the program to expand to other business areas, such as recruitment of talent, management team, etc.. Zuckerberg visited Yaba, known as "the Silicon Valley" in Africa. He visited a children’s programming camp and met with more than 50 technology entrepreneurs and developers at a local innovation center in CcHub. This year, Zuckerberg began to pay attention to Africa in various aspects, previously a fund for him and his wife, an African born for more than two years of startups Andela invested millions of dollars, the company main business is training programmers, and to provide them with the opportunity to work in multinational companies. Zuckerberg and Facebook also launched a "Free Basics", emerging markets for smart mobile phone users to provide free internet service, including Kenya, Zambia and Tanzania in Africa, has also recently entered Nigeria. (Comprehensive dawn) promotion: mobile phone will be replaced by VR? How will VR change life? Everything about VR, here, VR dimension WeChat public number (qqtechvr), a virtual world quest!相关的主题文章: