Zhangzhou Sanping temple has two amazing secret 99% people do not know denka

Zhangzhou Sanping temple has two amazing secret 99% people do not know and Sanping zushi is no stranger to the people of Zhangzhou, is almost known to every family. However, about three Temple, there are two secrets, but you must know. The first secret of the earliest record in three founder Xiangcheng early Hua Fang, on board also wrote "three bisects the town". In Zhangzhou Xiangcheng Xinhua Road No. 561, a "temple at the beginning of Hua Fang", the temple plaque also wrote "three bisects the town", according to informed here the old man: "in 21 years (1932), Zhangzhou had a plague, five, six thousand people died, people jittery. Then, the squire Cai Chao junior doctors initiative, please Sanping temple statue was Guangji in the mean pressure of evil plague. Originally planned to return in 12 days three Temple, but the believers have asked God to keep long-term at the beginning of Hua Fang, shengqingnanque, had another a plastic Jinshen sent back to three temple." So, the original cast in three founder Xiangcheng oh! The second secret Sanping temple was originally built in Zhangzhou at "three half Yunfeng" lintel you think Sanping Temple beginning in peace? In fact, the original three temple was built in Zhangzhou at three! In "three Guangji was really" created in Zhangzhou at, there is tangible evidence! This is the 2015 news reports, in a nearby pigsty Zhishan bought thousands of "three semi Yunfeng" lintel. The Zhishan Sanping Temple by then 45 year old founder in the Tang Bao Li Guangji first year (825 years) was built in Zhangzhou Kaiyuan Temple (now at) after the three semi Ping Shan Yunfeng, named "three’s hospital". But in the five year of Tang Huichang (the year of the year of 845), the Emperor Wu began to order the ban on Buddhism, and the monks were eliminated throughout the country, and the temple was demolished. He had a premonition that temple Guangji escape unharmed, he led a group of monks, to make peace with the mountains built three temple. Later, Tang emperor issued a decree to restore Buddhism, by the governor of Zhangzhou Zheng Xun Guangji was invited down, presided over the Kaiyuan temple. To Xian Tong seven years (AD 866 years), 86 year old founder miss he founded Guangji temple three, decided to return to the nine layer of rock, the three Temple renovated. After the death of its founder Guangji, remains and relics are buried in the flat and three Temple "temple tower". Three: the name of life was Guangji Guangji patriarch lay the surname Yang, native of Shaanxi, Gaoling. Because of his father’s Fujian, meaning in the Tang Dynasty (AD 784 years) Li Shixing Yuan Yuannian was born in Fu Tang (now Fuqing county) as his father. It is the beginning of the six month old Jiazi day. He is not in the baby food meat, the so-called "placenta". To Zhenyuan thirteen years Dingchou years old, with his father to the official state song (Quanzhou), for worship in the Xuan door with Jackson, tonsure monks, this year he was fourteen years old. He was twenty-seven years old by direct Sangha, as a monk. Has studied with Jinhui and chizo, Whitehead, Great Britain and other monks, which lasted for 18 years. He is skillful, teach "Taizu boxing" and "little ancestral fist", but also guide people to land reclamation, development of production, is an influential historical figures.相关的主题文章: