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Zhang Yibai Movie Tribute mountain, Chongqing VR took the first panoramic tribute to Monument for Liberation Zhang Yibai said: "let the world pass from Chongqing" so he took a "passing from your world" this movie tribute to his love of the Chongqing Chongqing express today Monument for Liberation CBD CMC hand in Chongqing net, dream guest VR will use VR a panoramic picture of a tribute to Monument for Liberation VR panoramic screenshots this time let the world first pass from Monument for Liberation whether on so-called indigenous or semi city with Chongqing Municipality Chongqing of old Monument for Liberation has indelible feelings of old Chongqing said: Monument for Liberation is a world, the best of Chongqing’s 38 department stores, stationery stores, Xinhua Bookstore of Yangtze River ancient books, bookstores, cinemas, peace group market, Hengdali clocks, Sibao Lin Zhai, Chun Hui Ge, as well as the Monument for Liberation restaurant, when the mat, Lu yi, 141 hot pot…… Eat, drink, play is focused on this one, that is the "city of Chongqing" Chongqing 90 said: Monument for Liberation is the fashion center, Chongqing international label is Chongqing bridge to communicate with the world’s fashionable endorsement is the name card of Chongqing’s Christmas Carnival is the first New Year bell sound is the yearning for the future all of it is a concentrated city of Chongqing of the Yangtze River and the Jialing River at the end of the bus before the close of a waist to form Yuzhong peninsula will all gather popularity, Reiki and wealth at the center of the island, Monument for Liberation said that, in the end of this VR long what kind of? The first dry cargo! Scanning the two-dimensional code can advance to watch VR panorama you will enter into a scene: then according to your love, you can also choose to view and interact with us: barrage you should know about this VR thing: this VR can also see what scene? This work brings together Yuzhong District of Chongqing City, including the Monument for Liberation pedestrian street, Hongyadong, world financial center, the white elephant street, four Zhongshan Road, Huguang, mountain trails, Daping Longhu times street, eling two factory 9 sites a total of 60 panoramic images, and took 1 months. Who is this group of Chongqing tribute? Create a dream by guest VR Qingli, they are Chongqing native VR project team, has precipitated the virtual reality technology for more than 6 years, as the VR+ industry solutions provider, is one of Chongqing’s first team in the VR industry. WeChat PS: the number of public concern as Monument for Liberation, you can watch this VR panorama sweep me yo! The above content sources as Monument for Liberation, Chongqing net does not represent the official position, please indicate the source.相关的主题文章: