Zhang Danfeng said micro-blog Slide Show behind Catherine Hung felt the warmth of the family (video) sunny came home

Zhang Danfeng said micro-blog Slide Show behind Catherine Hung feel the warmth of family Zhang Danfeng micro-blog Slide Show behind Catherine Hung Deng Chao Chen daughter named TUA Tencent entertainment news according to Hongkong media reports, earlier by artist Siu Chung Mok micro-blog to love Catherine Hung fired, even the day Catherine Hung did not respond to the matter, today (October 24th) Catherine Hung finally issued a response to this matter, which has never been in front of the son said he was ill, I also hope that he will not hurt her family. Catherine Hung’s husband Zhang Danfeng is quite complex, posting up one family happiness, said: "we are to complete it, time flies too fast, thanks to his wife Catherine Hung, with her daughter to work with me, let me after work but also can feel the warmth of the family, it is most unfortunate son (Zhang Haofeng) go to school, not to. Haha, I miss you so much." At the same time also uploaded with Catherine Hung and daughter warm hand photo. Catherine Hung and Siu Chung Mok’s son Mo Haolian (now Zhang Haofeng) together with mother station, also issued a reprint of Zhang Danfeng’s warm sun, micro-blog, means: "there is I am jealous, I want to leave my sister, sister a month, come back to my arms, wish mom and dad come back a family of four, happy, happy is good."相关的主题文章: