Yunnan prosecutors quanfan fled the United States 100 red Zhang Dawei (video) borderland

Yunnan prosecutors quanfan fled the United States 100 red "Zhang Dawei" 100 red "Zhang Dawei returning from the United States plans to return to the country to surrender surrender on 8 October, Kunming legal network reporter Liu Baijun correspondent Wang Cuiyun Wang source October 5th fled the United States 100 red staff" Zhang Dawei was advised, in co-ordination center and the Yunnan provincial anti-corruption coordination group, by the Yunnan provincial procuratorate carried out a large number of valid persuaded to return to work, "hundreds of red No. twenty-ninth active personnel" Zhang Dawei returning from the United States to surrender. Zhang Dawei, male, born in November 1970, he served as general manager of Yunnan Tongfang Technology Co., ltd.. Because of alleged crimes, on September 2013, fled abroad. In October 11, 2014, the Yunnan Provincial People’s Procuratorate to the criminal investigation for alleged corruption, in April 2015, he was listed as one of the hundred suspects wanted by Interpol, red warrant number: A-1790 3-2015. After investigation, Zhang Dawei alleged in the period from 2007 to 2013, and the other six accomplices collusion, use as Yunnan yundian Tongfang Technology Co Ltd General Manager, deputy general manager, finance director, marketing director of his office by signing copies of technical service contract with Kunming Ying Jin Technology Co. Ltd. and other eight companies, taking about 20000000 yuan of public funds, and to grant "performance award" in the form of several of them more than 1000 yuan of dividing. Among them, Zhang Dawei more than RMB 200 yuan. Before the incident, Zhang Dawei and other seven people have all the money back. In addition, Zhang Dawei also suspected of collusion with the company the other two positions to facilitate the use of outsourcing contracts signed false cash funds, 300 yuan of illegal possession, fled after the United states. Since the case investigation, Yunnan attaches great importance to the case in the pursuit of the pursuit of work, the central office, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and the Yunnan provincial anti-corruption coordination team leader, set up a special working group, Central Discipline Inspection and prosecution, courts, public security and other parties, strongly promoting the case in pursuit of work, carried out a lot of investigation work and take various measures to contact him, repeated to himself and his relatives to explain the relevant laws and regulations and policies, with its early returning surrendered for leniency. September 2016, approved by the Yunnan Provincial People’s Procuratorate anti-corruption coordination group and Yunnan Province, the working group composed of Yunnan province’s Procuratorate anti corruption Bureau relevant personnel by the Yunnan provincial office, the pursuit of abroad to meet with Zhang Dawei, persuaded to return to work to carry out face to face. The working group for five consecutive days 5 and Zhang Dawei interviewed exhortations, after a lot of hard, patient and meticulous ideological work, its attitude gradually changed. In the shilly-shally, Yunnan provincial procuratorate procurator general Lining and Deputy Secretary of Yunnan Province, the provincial supervision department director, provincial office director Guo Yongdong has two times the pursuit of himself and Zhang Dawei on the phone, on the move and the good advice, to promote its determination to surrender. In legal deterrence, policy influence and family influence, Zhang Dawei finally returned to surrender. On the afternoon of October 5th, in Kunming long water airport, Guo Yongdong and.相关的主题文章: