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Yunnan Juewei mountain village package [eleven] – pure taste special Sohu tourism destination, I think Yunnan is Zhaotong’s "big bun", but people really called Dashanbao, a little tacky, a kind. Zhaotong and the mountains are unfamiliar to me, and after five days of getting along, I would like to recommend more friends to feel the charm of the humanities, visit the best scenery. Is the so-called a cold autumn rain, autumn and is called the city of Zhaotong seems to have been immersed in the autumn season. And before I check the weather forecast, Zhaotong was in the rain, for those of US visitors, is playing the umbrella, put on a raincoat, and the local people seem to be wet weather without too much action, but despite rain wet clothes, does not care to walk in the street. Zhaotong is located in Yunnan Province, but because it is located in Yunnan, Guizhou and Sichuan provinces junction, then it is not so "Yunnan". Through the tidy city streets, we came to the street, the street, was renovated, but the elderly, old in popularity diminished, few visitors, for the city proper style. Floating in the air with Huaihua aroma, light and refined into a texture, straight to the heart. Know a city, naturally from the "eat" start. The sky to rain, went into a shop on the street, a bowl of Shan Yan jelly, a fried potato (potato), the mixed with salty and fresh taste, spicy taste play tough brings joy at the same time, is also the first to let visitors body into the city. In the street walking around, you will see that a breath of life with a heavy sense of history in the construction of a small alley, and the local people’s living habits, more people stop, just talk a few words, the accent somehow affects how much wandering heart. Leave the seat at an elevation of 2000 meters, the car along the winding mountain road in the package drove to the mountains. The misty green mountains, the window full of cold water plug, lingering feeling, perhaps it is true that the local talent delicious spicy. The mountain village is a very local characteristics of the village, can be said to live in this village, do not have to all other places to find the feeling — here is the life of the local people. Little village, residence is very simple, with traces of hanging exposed to wind and rain, farming harvest wonderful. Walking on the village road, the village people scattered poultry and livestock raising with me, not country sounds. Most of the houses in the village maintained their original appearance, with adobe wall, oat straw cover, the characteristics of the building was the first time I see, it is said that the local people every year to use the new straw cover on the roof, but the moist air and rainy climate to grow flowers, grass roof and moss. Which located in the mountains and around the village of col are mixed in one scene. The loyal dog, with wings of rain for the children of the old hen, wore a shy smile of the villagers, those living in the most common, but also embodies the indispensable qualities of life. Here is not a cold autumn rain, but autumn color has long existed, the scenery in front of the unknown depths and fog slowly will I surround you相关的主题文章: