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Yudu: the village Party Secretary refused to comply with the judgment’s nomination was withdrawn on 18 November, Xinhua news agency, Nanchang (reporter Lai Xing) recently, Yudu Jiangxi County reporter rides along Ganzhou City People’s court judge Wang Weidong et al., in the bumpy mountain road for nearly 1 hours, came to Fengzhen in the wo Fang village Party Secretary Liu family. "Qianzhaihuanqian as unalterable principles. Through this experience, I was deeply educated." Liu said to Wang Weidong. This was a profound lesson. In August this year, Liu was nominated for the Yudu County People’s Congress, the party, in the qualification review, Yudu County Organization Department sent a letter to the court to investigate whether there is a failure of the court effective referee situation. Wang Weidong Liu did not perform case truthfully feedback, results of Liu’s people’s Congress, the party nomination was withdrawn. Things have to be traced back to June 2004, when Liu and the villagers set up a joint bell mineral water plant. Since then, Zhongmou withdraw from the partnership, the two sides of the liquidation, Liu Zhong 75 thousand yuan shares shall be refunded. However, Liu paid 12 thousand yuan, the remaining money has not paid. In desperation, Zhongmou Liu Mousu to Yudu County People’s court. May 8, 2010, Yudu County People’s court sentenced Liu should be within 15 days from the date of the judgment of the repayment of a bell of RMB 63 thousand yuan and bear overdue payment interest. After the court decision, Liu still do not fulfill their obligations, Zhongmou will apply to the court for enforcement, but failed to perform. "Since 2013 to take over the case, I find many times he Fengzhen leadership and coordination of this matter, but also to Liu played numerous calls, but Liu in" difficult life "and" body disease "and other reasons to avoid execution, his bank account will cancel all." Wang Weidong said. In March this year, the Supreme People’s court, to use two to three years to solve the basic problem of implementation. Jiangxi sounded to "difficult to execute" comprehensive war horn: in the court to carry out a 1 year "to basically solve the difficult execution of special activities, through arrest, detention, transfer of housing, building site has forced relocation and other means, the formation of a high pressure situation against" Laolai ". Were withdrawn in Liu’s people’s Congress, the party nomination, Wang Weidong has repeatedly come to do the work of Liu, explain to him on the implementation of the latest policy. Soon after, Liu took the initiative to the Court Executive Board to perform the verdict. "People’s Congress, the party nominee if it is a dishonest and irresponsible people, how can the public services? How can we exercise power objectively and impartially?" Yudu County People’s court Dean Wu Zhenhai introduced, at present, Yudu court is innovative credit disciplinary measures, based on the old Lai public exposure, reward execution, establish specific object notification system, and strive to let the people in every case have felt the judicial fairness and justice. (end)相关的主题文章: