You drive new Fu Mei do better in 1.6L to at- auto Sohu autobots

You drive new Fu Mei do better in 1.6L AT- Sohu automobile page first: face new design more atmosphere [ ] Sohu; evaluation mentioned fumeilai this name maybe we are not unfamiliar, this is the classic pillar models before Mazda in Hainan, 90s is the old Mazda 323, he left a lot of good reputation robust to fuel-efficient and durable operation. Now after the change of the enterprise level and vehicle level turn the world upside down, a lot of things are not familiar with, but the same is the blessed beauty after 20 years of heritage left, now he retained the fumeilai original essence, at the same time after time grinding, become better yourself. The new fumeilai after the new upgrade the appearance of the main changes from the front face of the grille, from the past similar straight waterfall grille Buick to replace today’s Kunpeng type transverse Matt silver grille, the front more atmosphere, while the interior has also been the science and technology innovation, new dashboard and large size touch screen also has become the focus of the upgrade. The whole system is only reserved for the 1.6L engine is also the manufacturer’s market strategy, want to focus on the advantages of the new style to fight for the United States to fight. This change is in short board targeted before, let fumeilai this entry sedan also keep up with the pace of technology and fashion. (Editor: Zu Qi)相关的主题文章: