Yancheng Funing water station owners sued the water station corruption case surfaced (video) havd707

Yancheng Funing water station owners sued the water station corruption case surfaced recently, Funing procuratorate bulletin, 2015, a strange thing happened in Funing county. A water station is a few villagers to court, water station door was also the court seals. Behind the director, was actually the water station owners Li Wenbin. Water owners sued the water station, what? Funing County procuratorate involved in the investigation, Li Wenbin corruption case surfaced. Li Wenbin in 1979 after graduating from high school in the township water conservancy station, Funing water conservancy system, the old qualifications". After 18 years of engineering staff, deputy director of the past 7 years, in 2004, Li Wenbin was appointed to the station, many years of daughter-in-law finally boil. The water conservancy is the most basic window of water conservancy industry is mainly responsible for the area of flood and drought prevention work and related water conservancy facilities management and maintenance. As a public institution, the cost of the water station is partly from the state financial allocation, and the other is self financing. Although the water conservancy station is located in the area of water conservancy projects, but the water station itself does not have the qualifications to operate and construction. Shortly after Li Wenbin took office, with the name of unit temporary Wang set up a project team. Said the project team, in fact, just hang a brand only, no construction qualifications, no construction workers. Nevertheless, the water conservancy station will be within the jurisdiction of all the water conservancy projects are handed over to the project team. Profit, naturally also for the water station all. The project team is nominally Wang, the real steward, is the webmaster Li Wenbin. The entry and exit of all the project team must be approved by Li Wenbin. The project team’s account became Li Wenbin’s private coffers. When the project team has just established, just let Li Wenbin Wang false a part of the project, more out of the project funds are used to pay benefits and pay for hospitality. Gradually, Li Wenbin found that the team has more room for use. The project team of the project a year end, by the end of the year, a Bibi out of the water conservancy accounts simply can not tell what is used to pay for the project. Anyway, as long as Li Wenbin signed, the money will be able to enter the account of the project team. From 2006 onwards, Li Wenbin more frequently arranged Wang column of cement, steel and other materials costs, virtual project expenses. By 2008, Li Wenbin lied about the about 400000 project, the money has been hanging in the water station account, that is to say, the water conservancy project team under about 400000. Creditors turned the second half of 2008, Li Wenbin heard the sound of the wind, the County Water Conservancy Bureau intends to transfer its water station. Li Wenbin began to consider how to put out false works. Although the cost of about 400000 yuan, but the money did not fall into their pockets, nominally the project team wang. "If I moved, this part of Qianwang Mou does not give me or give me, how can I do?" Thinking of this, Li Wenbin was nervous. After all, this kind of thing can not see light, if Wang Mouzhen do so, he really can not maintain the rights and interests". Li Wenbin figured that in 2008, 1 million 150 thousand yuan will be fetched water station. The actual estimate of the project will be about 500 thousand yuan, leaving the remaining about 600000. Li Wenbin began to think of a more secure approach. His bag相关的主题文章: