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Wuhu will build Anhui’s first   river tunnel; the future through the tunnel across the river only 4 minutes — Anhui channel — people.com.cn original title: Wuhu will build the province’s first cross river tunnel according to market star reporter from the Wuhu Municipal Development and Reform Commission, in the infrastructure construction of Wanjiang demonstration zone in Wuhu City, will focus on the implementation of Wuhu he, Wu Xuan, Wu Ma expressway extension, Hangzhou bridge and Hefei Wuhu Expressway link, Taishan Road, south of Yangtze River Bridge River Tunnel project. Wu Xuan, Wu Ma high-speed expansion reporter learned that, in order to speed up the construction of key projects and key channel, open channel construction of China Unicom and outside, safe and smooth, Wuhu will speed up the construction of Hangzhou Anhui Jiangxi railway, a new two lane, Lu Tong railway, Nanjing Wuhu, Anhui Jiangxi copper completed, Huainan electric railway line transformation, promote north along the high-speed rail, Tongnanxuan railway, Nanling Jiangbei District Intercity Railway preparatory work, and strive to start construction. Promote the combined margin line from III level to II level of waterway regulation engineering Wuhu Shanghai Waterway, III Canal waterway construction. Make good use of the port of departure tax policy, sea rail intermodal train class of Wuhu port and coastal ports positive column. Construction of civil aviation airport. Pay close attention to the highway network and Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Hefei and other key city, focusing on the implementation of Wu, Wu Xuan, Wu Ma expressway extension and Hangzhou bridge and Hefei Wuhu Expressway link, Taishan Road, south of Yangtze River Bridge River tunnel project, built Wu Huang Expressway Nanling section of Wuhu River, the Yangtze River Bridge North High Speed Wuwei section. Will be built in Anhui’s first tunnel across the river south of Wuhu river tunnel is located in the Yangtze River in Wuhu City Wanjiang section "great bend", west of the town of Weiyi (Binjiang Jiangbei Avenue South, east of the main city of the South) large mountain tunnel downstream from Yangtze River bridge about 9km. The total length of the project is about 5.8km, of which the length of the tunnel construction is 5000 meters, and the toll station and part of the connecting road are about 810 meters. Across the board using two-way 6 Lane program, the design speed of the main line of 80km h, that the future through the tunnel crossing the river only 4 minutes. South River tunnel is the first tunnel under Anhui River, one of the skeleton line is Wuhu "two vertical and four horizontal part of the" city expressway system, by road – Yijiang Road, Jiuhua eqiao road – S206 highway, Yangtze River bridge – Tongjiang Avenue, the large road, Zhongjiang Avenue, Weiyi road five formed "day" type city at the southern end of a fast road link, and directly to the central area, North and south of the river center and the new city of science and technology services, river crossing traffic south Guojiangtongdao take the city of Wuhu, also has important function of city ring line. Wuhu will have 5 Guojiangtongdao Taishan road Yangtze River bridge Wuhu city after Wuhu Yangtze River rail bridge, the Yangtze River Highway Bridge, planning and construction and a high level of Guojiangtongdao, estimated investment of about 10 billion yuan, the construction period of about 4 years. The project is expected to change the river channel congestion, high-speed traffic and municipal traffic mixed situation, to promote the development of the Yangtze River in Wuhu and Jiangbei metro construction, improve the province’s highway network, optimize the layout of the river crossing. By then, Wuhu will have Wuhu Yangtze River bridge, Wuhu Yangtze River Bridge, South Bridge, business co Hangzhou)相关的主题文章: