World Intellectual Property Organization China hopes to join the Hague system as soon as possible cashmere mafia

The World Intellectual Property Organization: hope China to join the "Hague system" the Feng Jun "Chinese government is active to join the Hague system, we urge Chinese leadership to speed up the process, hope that they will be able to use faster Hague system." Recently, in the "2016 Chinese enterprise 500 forum, the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Chinese office director Chen Hongbing in an interview with the financial Tencent, into the world of the intellectual property system, is conducive to better China enterprises" going out". The international registration of industrial designs, the Hague system, is an international mechanism designed by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to facilitate the protection of the design process, passed in 1925. There are 65 members of the Hague system, of which 14 are from the EU, and the EU itself is one of them. China has not yet joined the Hague system. According to the Hague system, applicants only need to submit an application to the world intellectual property organization, they can carry out industrial design registration in many countries, without the Intellectual Property Office in a number of countries or regions to submit multiple applications for registration. More importantly, as long as the submitted designs belong to the same category of International Classification in Locarno, an application can contain up to 100 different designs. At present, China has put forward the goal of building a powerful country of intellectual property rights, while Chinese enterprises are paying more and more attention to the protection of intellectual property rights. As the intellectual property rights protection and application service providers, meeting of the orange ray Group Chairman and CEO Xie Xuhui to the Tencent financial reports, the amount of patent application in China has 5 consecutive years ranked first in the world, for the registration of a trademark for 15 consecutive years has been ranked first in the world. Whether it is the amount of patent applications, licensing, or the amount of trademark applications, trademark licensing, are very large data. But at present our country in the use of intellectual property rights, the realization of the value of intellectual property rights, with the United States, Japan, Europe and other developed countries there is still a big gap." Xie Xuhui pointed out. But Chen Hongbing also pointed out that Chinese intellectual property facing a new topic, is the internationalization of intellectual property: "Chinese is the implementation of a new round of reform and opening up, China a large number of goods, services, technology to go overseas. It looks like we have the world of globalization, but intellectual property is in a country, based on the law as a unit, a patent in the country, and our technology to business in many countries, the transformation, how to be protected?" Chen Hongbing said that this requires Chinese companies to go to the international patent registration. He hoped that the introduction of international Chinese more resources, participate in international innovation, that is to use the international protection system of intellectual property resources to seek self in overseas, not only is about to go to the overseas product protection, and to advance the layout. The "world intellectual property rights as a specialized agency of the United Nations, we provide such services, our management of the international intellectual property rights on the 27 International Convention on international trademark and designs the Madrid system, Hague system, and PCT etc.." Chen Hongbing said. Madrid system was signed in 1891, "the international agreement on the international registration of Madrid" and in 1989.相关的主题文章: