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Internet-and-Business-Online The WordPress blogging platform is the #1 choice of many bloggers and online entrepreneurs WordPress is free, which is part of it’s appeal, as are many of the enhancements that can be installed to change the look and function of WordPress, including WordPress themes. However, although there are hundreds of free WordPress themes that you can download and use quite easily, sometimes it’s wise to invest in a premium theme instead. Why? Here are 5 reasons: 1. Customization The best premium themes are far more customizable than the best free themes. If you want to have the most options for design and search engine optimization without having to learn HTML backwards and forwards, a good premium theme is definitely your best choice. 2. Support It’s .mon for the developers of free themes to offer very limited support. And sometimes they offer no support at all. The developers of the best premium themes have more incentive to offer support and will usually have both detailed instructions that are updated frequently and an active user forum. Even the best themes can have technical glitches from time to time, so having good support is manditory when using any WordPress theme. 3. Updates There is also less incentive for developers of free themes to fix bugs and update their theme when WordPress goes through one of it’s many upgrades. Sometimes they’ll stop offering the theme altogether. Purchasing a good premium theme will usually give you a lifetime of bug fixes and updates so any issues with be corrected in a timely way. 4. Quality There are very few free themes that .e close to the quality of the best premium themes. Everything from design elements to search engine optimization is covered by a good premium theme. 5. No unwanted adware Free themes sometimes contain hidden code that inserts ads or other things that benefit the theme’s creator instead of you. The best premium themes do not have adware and often you can purchase a license to remove the .panies’ logo, etc. so you can ‘brand’ your site and your client’s sites as your own. While there are good free themes available and honorable developers, the 5 advantages of using a good premium theme should be taken into consideration. If you want to create a site that will hold up well over time and give you the most options, the best premium themes are your best bet by far. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: