Women are not suitable for pregnancy during these years – Sohu-midd-885

In this period is not suitable for pregnant women – Sohu maternal baby is a major event in life, many young people will consider how to choose the best time for pregnancy, to give birth to a healthy baby into a happy family. In this, we conclude that there are ten unfavorable pregnancy period, please pay attention to. 1 when the recent mood swings, or mental trauma, not pregnant. 2 excessive smoking and drinking should not be immediately pregnant. 3 when I finish the reproductive organs after surgery, recovery time should not be less than 6 months of pregnancy, such as diagnostic curettage, artificial abortion, intrauterine device operation etc.. 4 avoid postpartum recovery time less than 6 months of pregnancy, so as not to affect the physical recovery. 5 usually contact with toxic substances (such as: pesticides, lead, mercury, cadmium, narcotics, etc.) should not be immediately after the temporary pregnancy. 6 avoid exposure to X-rays, radiation therapy, viral infection or chronic disease medication, stop time less than 3 months pregnant. 7 avoid lack of oral contraceptives or implants withdrawal time 3 months pregnant, according to reports, contraceptive drugs can increase the body cells of sister chromatid exchange frequency, has a certain effect on the somatic chromosome. 8 avoid long-distance travel, fatigue and less than two weeks after conception. 9 avoid the bitterly cold heat, thunder storm when abnormal pregnancy. Because lightning can produce very strong radiation, resulting in germ cell chromosome aberration.相关的主题文章: