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Woman: Li Guiying hunt for 17 years now to help home base – Sohu news in October 16th, Henan Xiangcheng, Li Guiying stood in the room after the medina. In 17 years, she travelled more than ten provinces, tracking suspects today, killing her husband, the 5 fugitives were all arrested. Beijing News reporter Yin Yafei photo Li Guiying at the age of 57 than a year ago, some fat, some white, a talk, would Minzui smile, mouth began to rise, laugh, always said, "I have small eyes, a smile, the eyes can not see." She said that her mission is completed, you can live with the heart. In November last year, Henan Zhoukou farmer Li Guiying has attracted media attention, she spent seventeen years running, more than and 10 provinces and cities, looking for butcher murderer. Her story was seventeenth days after media reports, the suspects were arrested, "the husband’s promise". Forthcoming in the past year, Li Guiying’s son Zhou Zhou said, mother is normally started talking about All sufferings have their reward., children’s marriage, talk like an ordinary small household affairs, mother. Because of fame, the help of people across the country followed, put her as a rights activist, let her teach rights experience, and Li Guiying, but also unconsciously played a mentor role. "Six minutes" complete life week drunk, with open arms, to Li Guiying for her, "Mom, let me hug." Li Guiying didn’t get used to it. "Look at this kid." But she was shy enough to agree to Zhou’s demands. The people around him were clapping and laughing. Zhou Zhou said that he enjoyed the atmosphere, but a year ago, it is impossible, when the family just had an atmosphere of the meeting, the mother began to quietly wipe tears, referred to his father." At this time, the party will be happy to end, everyone or silence, or cry with Li Guiying. In January 1998, Li Guiying’s husband Qi Yuande is a village of five personal injury death, the suspect disappeared overnight. Li Guiying has embarked on a hunt Road, searching through more than ten provinces. By November 2015, the 5 suspects had already caught the 4. In November 2015, Li Guiying hunt story by the media attention. After 17 days on December 3rd, the last one suspects arrested in Xinjiang. At this point, Li Guiying’s "butcher enemies" are all brought to justice. In September 30th this year, Li Guiying waited until a decision from the Zhoukou intermediate people’s Court of Henan. The two defendants in Henan Province, Zhoukou City Intermediate People’s Court of "peasant pupil seventeen years" the case finally arrested Qi Qi good record, buildup the verdicts, two defendants were sentenced to life imprisonment and imprisonment for fifteen years. Three suspects have been arrested before the final judgment, including principal Qi Jinshan was sentenced to death, suspended for two years, commutation limit. In the process of arresting suspects, because of the poor handling of the original case, investigation police and related to the leadership of the local police station and Xiangcheng City Public Security Bureau was given the party a serious warning, administrative demerits, administrative demerits and other sanctions. Xiangcheng City Commission for Discipline Inspection also decided to initiate disciplinary investigation on the relevant personnel. October 16th.相关的主题文章: