Why Do We Celebrate Mothers Day-ppbox

Customer Service How do I make you feel special? Oh mother, for being more than just a woman For bringing me to this world, as a new born How do I make you feel special? Oh mother, for teaching me wrong and right For all the .forts day and night How do I make you feel special? Oh mother, for knowing all the joys and sorrows For making my today and building my tomorrows I celebrate you and just you On this very day For, you are the root to my existence You are the reason I feel so blessed. And thus we celebrate, A Mother. We all do, right? A mother is the induction to our lives and keeps enriching it throughout. While she adds meaning to every breath, brings beauty to every moment, her presence makes our lives .plete. Not forgetting the mundane chores from cooking to cleaning to providing all the things for a day, she seems to just know everything like how to do and what to do for everyone in the family. We ought to make her feel special; making a small loving gesture for all that she does from dawn to dusk. The way she renders warmth and .fort to everyone around, we must reciprocate and make at least a day extraordinary for her. Though, the care, nurturing and fulfillment that she provides, can never be returned, in any possible form. We must show appreciation for all the selfless love, for all the unconditional affection she bestows upon us. She be.es a nurse, a teacher, a guide, a driver, a care-taker, a guard and much more for each and every milestone in our lives. Mother"s Day gives us an opportunity to appreciate her never-ending efforts, where we can give her a little happiness and .fort that she deserves. This is a special day when we can show our affection towards this divine presence in our lives who never ceases to amaze us with her astonishing skills to make almost everything possible for us. This affection can be displayed by giving her a day off from all her responsibilities and treating her with all that she loves to do. Not f.etting to give a fragrant start to her day by presenting her with her favorite bunch of beautiful flowers. There is yet a woman to be discovered who doesn"t like flowers. Bring some colors to her life, in a sweet-smelling bouquet. We also must celebrate this day to spend quality time with this woman who works 24×7 to keep everything perfect for her loved ones. She surely deserves a day, where she can stop worrying about everything and relax in whatever manner she wants to. Just like staying in bed for the day, watching her favorite movies or reading some books. You can also take her out for a movie, a lunch or some shopping. The best thing that mothers love is when their kids cook for them. Do not hesitate to try that too. Make her feel special for all that she gave to you. Make her feel special for being your mother…!! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: