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UnCategorized Whether you are looking for your dream home, a holiday property or an investment property, Cyprus and housesalescyprus has something for everyone. Buying property in Cyprus is made easy with the Worldwide Group. Just imagine owning a property where there is 320 days of glorious sunshine, beautiful beaches and picturesque mountains. Where you can benefit from a clean environment, an advanced medical care infrastructure and be surrounded by friendly English-speaking people. Cypriots are among the most prosperous people in the mediterranean region and internationally Cyprus promotes its geographical location as a ‘bridge’ between east and west. Cyprus is a European Union member state and switched to the Euro on 1st January 2008. (Prior to that, it had been using the cypriot pound as its currency.) Cyprus is classified among the high in.e countries and it has a standard of living higher than some other European Union member states. The performance of the economy .pares favourably with that of most other EU countries. In February 1997 the Government revised its policy on foreign direct investment permitting 100% foreign ownership in certain cases. Furthermore Cyprus passed a modern banking law in July 1997 incorporating all the provisions and directives of the EU. Non-residents and foreign investors may freely repatriate proceeds from investment in Cyprus. The cost of living in Cyprus is relatively low with prices around 25% lower than in most European countries. Cyprus is a very safe place and there is a very low crime rate and a similar legal system to the UK. A significant drop in real estate values is creating new opportunities for buyers of second homes, holiday homes or investment properties. Perhaps Nicosia (Lefkosia) the unique Capital City which is encircled by strong fortress walls built by the Ve.ians in the 16th century would be the ideal base for you. Nicosia is an enchanting old city which is scattered with buildings and monuments of historical interest as well as little shops, cafes and tavernas. Alternatively Limassol (Lemesos) known as the Gateway to Cyprus is the island’s main port, the centre of the wine industry and a bustling holiday resort. Lemesos is a lively town with a ten mile coastline, a busy shopping centre, countless tavernas and restaurants and a night life to suit tastes ranging from modest to sophisticated. Another popular location is Paphos, the Capital of the west and positively teeming with history. Paphos is the site of the island’s second international airport. The resort town has as its focal point a charming fishing harbour by Paphos Fort, lined with open-air cafes and tavernas that serve a tempting menu of the day’s catch. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: