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Pets When you make the decision about keeping a pet dog, in addition to the need to understand the habits of the dog as well as noting coexistence of humans and dogs in/outside, will you take into account the gender of the dog? I think some careful owners will consider this problem for some time. They may have their own subjective views on dog gender. Though we dont have the problems about the pet supplies using difference between the male and female dogs, the dogs overall personality of different gender may be some different. The dog owners often choose male puppy rearing for the first time. This is because the female one to be pregnant and give birth to puppies, these are very troublesome thing. So most people choose a male puppy to feeding, eliminating the need for a lot of trouble. From this point of view to consider, indeed, male puppy is relatively easy to feed. But as long as female puppies do birth control surgery, the problem is very easily solved. If you have to ask which is easier to feed between the male and female, I believe it is female. In general, female puppy is relatively feeding. Here we want to clear that: what kind of dog is relatively easy to keep for people. Understanding of ordinary people is the dog which should listen to the owners guide is the best! But also gentle personality, not random attacks and other animals. Under normal circumstances, the female dog listens to the words of the master. The reason for this is because dogs have an instinct: strong cravings, continues to expand its sphere of influence. This is a very difficult thing for the master. If it wants to expand its own site, of course, it will inevitably fight with other dogs even though you control it with the dog collar and leash. This instinct, male puppy consciousness may be more intense. To prove this point, the most obvious example of this is the scene when the dog walks. You can often see that, because it likes the smell of dog urine odor, often follow the other dogs behind, even for exclusive this smell dispute reprimanded by the owner. This attitude of the owner of the dog, the more exciting the strong possessive puppy and stimulate the puppy’s attack instinct. This disobedient attitude occurs in the home, such as dog just listen to the words of adults but treat children in another attitude, it shows that its a dangerous dog. If adults dont care when the dog roar of the children, it will only make the dog even further, you never know when it will hurt children. Then again it locks out in the dog house and I am afraid it is too late. The reason is because the puppy that own status at home after home position in the highest. This fear heartfelt rivalry is generally male puppy. Of course, the female puppy has this instinct, but not so strongly male puppy. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: