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When I was 9 years old, I was inspired by English Sohu mother and daughter welcome to Mommy OK OK mom said a lot of mothers will leave a message to ask, in the end to give children English Enlightenment how good? Are there any specific operational recommendations? Today, I have a special friend Deejo to share their experiences, 9 years old, in order to round her father’s dream of the United States, they followed the family went to the United states. Before she went to the English base is almost zero, but to that, three months time, she mastered fluent english. Listen to her memories of childhood was the Enlightenment of the experience, many points are particularly useful. For us, this is a child’s perspective, very interesting. So I asked her to share, you can also go to her public number (ID:madame_deejo) to see. The story goes, I was 9 years old, the best students in my class and said if I didn’t go to Beijing to learn gymnastics, went to the American life. That’s because when I was 7, my dad went after his American dream. Unexpectedly, after half a year later, my father my mother and I take it (note, I said it was my mother and I, I and my mom, because in the sentence, never to I (I) placed at the end of mom and – My I). In this way, with the pace of my family, I also went to the United states. That’s very few people who go abroad to the United States, so I do not know how, just feel cool to go abroad, you can see many blond and blue eyes of foreigners. After more than and 10 hours of flight, we landed at LAX, Los Angeles International Airport. Because there are two years did not see his father, I feel very strange, staring at him for a long time, it was surrounded by foreign gas to attract. On the high speed, my heart felt very shocked, in the side of the road to see in China never seen tall tall and straight coconut trees. Open the window and breathe the fresh air from the coast, and the moment is captivated by this place. When I was enjoying this exotic, my stomach suddenly began to roll, I did not hold back, spit in my father’s little red car. Estimation is never done so long the plane was a little airsick, and then went to sleep. Nine years Chinese is still relatively backward, went to the United States feel everything is so beautiful, green area, fresh food supermarket, shopping malls selling toys, children’s books. Because of where to follow mom and Dad, so do not worry about language problems, they do not realize the importance of language. I had a big joke on my first day at school. When admission formalities have been almost 9 am, the teacher took me into the class. The teacher introduced me to the students, let me sit next to the teacher’s desk. At this time all the students stood up, put his hand on the heart began to sing, and some students also sing and laugh at me. At that time I was in the mind, a good warm classmates, so they began to wave and smile. Then some students in the class did not hold back began to laugh, the teacher saw me turn around, let me look at the American flag hanging on the blackboard.!相关的主题文章: