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When Chinese entered the "marathon cycle"   city "start"; whether fame and fortune? – Finance – People’s daily Xinhua Beijing October 10 (Chen Kaiyin) how to measure a city with feet? Marathon may be a good choice. Not seen in the wake of the San Francisco, but also from the viaduct and the tunnel to experience a different kind of Hongkong, foreign students Zhou Xiangxiang in two years, philately 10 domestic and foreign city marathon race. "A marathon is the name card of a city. It represents the culture of a city." Zhou Xiangxiang’s insights reveal the close link between the city and marathon. The higher you climb, the more likely you are to fall. In the frenzy of the marathon in the tide of a city is benefit or damage, often only in a nidea. City Carnival a marathon every day is not a lot of people who can not accurately describe the starting point of the whole nation launched. But anyone can see, from business chiefs to ordinary people, to the old man to a young, regardless of age, gender, occupation, almost into a national carnival. CMO is a type of dynamic sports Hui run laps in the old man". From his circle of friends in WeChat, you can draw a number of his identity – with a 13 year old runner, the European running laboratory RS LAB running instructor and running coach. From the "run" to "run together", from "amateur run" to "science run", Tang Hui ran all the way to witness the rise of Marathon sport in China, but also gained more and more people. So Tang Hui really feel the marathon from heating to hot is the latest thing for two years. Don’t know what is the opportunity to make this marathon development niche movement became the national sport. However, his personal experience may be from the side of a phenomenon that China is entering the marathon cycle". According to foreign experience, "marathon cycle" refers to when the per capita GDP of more than $5000, a city of a country with "marathon" based on the national road running into the sports consumption of the golden period. 2015 China’s per capita GDP was 52 thousand yuan, or about $8016, which in Europe and the United States thirty or forty years ago has generally experienced the cycle, is staged in china. The general manager, the Olympic road race horse race director Wang Jian north company according to the current situation of small and medium-sized city have held marathon said: "understanding of each city to do a marathon is a necessary process, including the United States, Japan, have had this process. This is a product of economic development to a certain extent." There is a need for competition, there is the supply of competition. From the beginning of 2015, the number of national marathon race and the number of participants to achieve a very alarming growth. 2015 full year, the Chinese track and Field Association registered marathon and related sports events reached 134, representing an increase of more than 83 in 2014, an increase of more than 160%. This year will be another outbreak, the Chinese track and Field Association’s official website shows that as of September 27th,相关的主题文章: