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Automobiles When they zoom past you, you can’t help but take a second look – that’s how striking Harley-Davidson motorcycles are. Actually, they are among the widely used brands of motorcycles today. Whether it’s for racing, for the military, or for daily use, a Harley-Davidson motorcycle can sure be a reliable road .panion. Interested to get one? Well, that’s quite understandable because a lot of guys really want to own one of these hot bikes. But before you do, you might as well do a little research about these bikes first. Though it does not really affect your buying decision in any way, still it’s better if you know a little piece of history about Harley-Davidson motorcycles. In 1903, the first Harley bike was manufactured by William Harley and Arthur Davidson in a tiny 10 foot by 15 foot wooden shed located at Milwaukee, Wisconsin. A year after, the first Harley-Davidson Dealership was introduced, with Henry Meyer as its very first buyer. From then on, Harley-Davidson became known to many, with the first Harley winning a race in 1905. That was just the start of Harley-Davidson motorcycles entering the race scene. And by 1910, more Harleys joined racing .petitions like lap races, hill climbing, and endurance .petitions. Ending always in the first place, that inspired Harley-Davidson to finally create a racing department. And since Harley-Davidson motorcycles are also used for the military, you might also want to know when the first Harleys were sold to the elite US Military. It was actually in 1917, on which about one-third of the total Harley-Davidson production was allotted for the military. And then a year after, this number increased to 50 percent. Outside racing and the military, in 1983, a group called Harley Owners Group was formed. In 17 years time, the original number increased up to 500,000 active members, making this group the largest factory sponsored motorcycle club worldwide. So there you go. That’s just a few information that you need to know about Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Indeed, Harley-Davidson has .e a long way in the motorcycle scene. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: