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Software Task of performance testing is not just to determine the scalability of the application under load but also find bottlenecks and avoid users from distressful waiting. Years of working with customers and performance teams suggest that performance can be looked over perception. A well-performing application is one that lets the end user carry out a given task without undue perceived delay or irritation. Performance really is in the eye of the beholder. What is Performant Application? With a performant application, users are never greeted with a blank screen during login and can achieve what they set out to ac.plish without letting their attention wander. Casual visitors browsing a web site can find what they are looking for and purchase it without experiencing too much frustration, and the call-center manager is not being harassed by .plaints of poor performance from the operators. It sounds simple enough, and you may have your own thoughts on what constitutes good performance. But no matter how you define it, many applications struggle to deliver an acceptable level of performance. Of course, when to talk about an application Im actually referring to the sum of the whole, since an application is made up of many .ponent parts. At a high level we can define these as the application software plus the application landscape. The latter includes the servers required to run the software as well as the network infrastructure that allows all the application .ponents to .municate. Reality of Performance Testing If any of these areas has problems, application performance is likely to suffer. You might think that all we need do to ensure good application performance is observe the behavior of each of these areas under load and stress and correct any problems that occur. The reality is very different because this approach is often too little, too late and so you end up dealing with the symptoms of performance problems rather than the cause. Our team provides clients with information about how to follow the performance requirements in terms of application, network, servers, and how to do load, stress, volume testing, etc during performance testing service. As performance testing includes load, stress, scalability, reliability and volume testing, QATestlab determines the right tests required for the application. For example, some load tests verify the required load level by increasing the number of virtual users in order to reach the certain performance level. Stress testing is performed by increasing the load cycles duration and the number of hits, but in the same time by reducing the response time. During scalability testing we exercise an application at an increasing number of concurrent users to determine when the application fails. Scalability testing purposes depend on the business need and criticality of the application under test. 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