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Want to be a pilot? The 2017 annual Taiyuan air force Cadet work started in Taiyuan evening news (reporter sunset) city recruitment center before the news release, the 2017 Taiyuan air force Cadet work started. Love aviation, air force pilots to be young students, from now on for the call. According to the air force Cadet Bureau Beijing Selection Center staff, 2017 air force Cadet application conditions are: 2017 ordinary secondary school graduates, high school graduates, boys, the science is not limited, in 2017 the national college entrance examination, the date of birth in August 31, 1997 -2000 year in August 31st, outstanding achievement, estimate is expected to reach the province undergraduate college entrance examination scores a batch of admission control line. At the height of 164 cm -185 cm, weight not less than the standard weight of 80%, less than the standard weight of 130%, standard weight = height (CM) -110. Calm blood pressure less than 13888 mmHg; according to the air force standard visual acuity chart visual acuity above 0.8 eyes, without refractive surgery, no color, no tattoos, dyschromatopsia cizi. The air force Cadet after the primaries, check and will choose three stages. Our city Cadet primaries will in October 22nd as early as 8, in a middle school. Pre qualified candidates will participate in the check at the beginning of 2017, check qualified students will participate in the scheduled election in the college entrance examination. All qualified, college entrance examination admission line of the students, will be officially admitted to the Chinese people’s Liberation Army Air Force aviation university students completed four years of undergraduate education. Excellent students in the college entrance examination scores excellent physical and mental qualities and excellent military and excellent quality, is also expected to be admitted to Peking University, Tsinghua University, Beihang University, the "double status" flying cadets. According to reports, China people’s Liberation Army Air Force Aviation University is located in Jilin province Changchun City, is a comprehensive institution of higher military training a military flight personnel as the main body, enjoys a good reputation at home and abroad, known as the "cradle of the cradle of the cradle of astronauts, pilots, general of the Republic of". Cadet university four years focus on basic education and primary trainer flight training, during the school’s tuition fees and accommodation fees unified by the military burden, students also enjoy living allowance, meal allowance, allowance, special articles such as salary flight. Meet training requirements, to obtain a bachelor’s degree and bachelor’s degree, assessed as deputy company officers, the air force awarded the rank of lieutenant. It is understood that the military flight personnel is the world recognized the scarcity of strategic resources, has always been of concern to the Chinese people. Our pilot enjoys high political status and social honor, broad space for development, welfare is superior, the air force Cadet has become a hot pursuit for professional and excellent students, very enthusiastic and heat continued unabated. "The air force cadet candidates can log in BJ network. Kjzfw detailed information or direct consultation cadet, air force Cadet Bureau Beijing Selection Center, Tel 010-5138171015101159341.

想当飞行员?2017年度太原空军招飞工作全面启动   太原晚报讯 (记者晚霞)市招考中心日前发布消息,2017年度太原市空军招飞工作全面启动。热爱航空事业,立志当空军飞行员的青年学生,从即日起可报名应招。   据空军招飞局北京选拔中心工作人员介绍,2017年度空军招飞报名条件是:2017年普通中学应届、往届高中毕业生,男生,文理科不限,参加2017年全国普通高等学校招生考试,出生日期在1997年8月31日 -2000 年8月31日,学习成绩优秀,预估高考成绩有望达到本省本科一批录取控制线。身高在164厘米-185厘米之间,体重不低于标准体重的80%,不高于标准体重的130%,标准体重=身高(CM)-110。平静血压不超过138 88毫米汞柱;按空军标准视力表双眼裸视力在0.8以上,未进行近视屈光手术,无色盲、色弱、无纹身刺字。   空军招飞需经过初选、复选和定选三个阶段。   我市招飞初选将于10月22日早8时,在成成中学进行。初选合格考生将于2017年年初参加复选,复选合格的学生将在高考后参加定选。所有检测合格,高考成绩达到录取线以上的同学,将被正式录取为中国人民解放军空军航空大学学员,完成四年的本科教育。高考成绩优异、身体和心理素质优秀且军政素质过硬的优秀学生,还有望被录取为北京大学、清华大学、北京航空航天大学“双学籍”飞行学员。   据介绍,中国人民解放军空军航空大学位于吉林省长春市,是一所以培养军事飞行人才为主体的综合性高等军事学府,在国内外享有广泛盛誉,被誉为“飞行员的摇篮、航天员的摇篮、共和国将军的摇篮”。飞行学员大学四年主要进行基础教育和初级教练机飞行训练,在校期间的学费杂费和住宿费等费用统一由军队负担,学员还享受生活津贴、伙食补助、飞行津贴、特种装具等待遇。达到培训要求的,获得大学本科学历和学士学位,评定为副连职军官、授予空军中尉军衔。   据了解,军事飞行人才是世界公认的稀缺战略资源,历来为国人所关注。我军飞行员享有很高的政治待遇和社会荣誉,发展空间广阔,福利待遇优越,空军招飞已成为优秀学生追捧的热门专业,报考异常踊跃,热度持续不减。考生可登录“空军招飞网 bj。 kjzfw” 了解详细招飞信息,或直接咨询空军招飞局北京选拔中心,联系电话010-51381710,15101159341。相关的主题文章: