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UnCategorized Tomb of Baba Taher can be seen in the north of Hamedan city. It is dedicated to this poet. He was known for his mystic poems .posed around 11th century. There are marble slabs in the mausoleum which look like parchment. The poems by Baba Taher are inscribed in black calligraphy here. The slabs are bordered by alabaster. You can also see beautiful tile work in the interior of the monument along with a lattice roof. Location Tomb of Baba Taher is situated in a park with blooming flowers and many pathways. There is a central tower supported by twelve external pillars. After being ravaged over the ages, the monument was renovated in 1970. You can see the tomb while approaching from Tehran highway and near the square named after him in Hamedan. Its vertical shape looks like a rocket and was built after the death of the mystic poet in 1019. Today, this tomb is in the middle of a large square around which plenty of life is going on. The entire square is full of benches and green areas. People go on picnic here and around the tomb in the central part of this square. This indicates how Persian poets are highly respected and remembered by the Iranians who are living hundreds of years after them. He is believed to have been contemporary with Ferdosy, Avicenna, the famous philosopher and physician in Iran. His Life Baba Taher was a follower of Ahl-e-Haq sect. You can find out more about this mystic denomination of Muslims during your trip to Iran. He has written many songs which initially became famous in Lurish, Fahlavi, Hamadani and Kurdish dialects that are adapted in the local languages now. Tomb of Baba Taher can be seen on a hilltop square surrounded by a garden of flowers and many paths in and around the surrounding park. It has been built in remembrance of one of the best poets in Iran. Not much is known about his life. It has been heard that along with being a poet, he was an illiterate woodcutter who visited a religious school. Beautiful Structure You can see Tomb of Baba Taher during your trip to Iran and it celebrates a great Gnostic and poet. It looks like an octagon and has eight pillars. Many parts of the tomb, its base, the steps and the paved area are constructed of granite. The main mausoleum is about 10m x 10m in area. There are many light sutures in the structure along with many entrances. There are about 24 marble pieces with each piece being carved with a verse from his poems, which you will love to see during your trip to Iran. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: