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Visit the Jia Jinglong murder murder occurred on New Year’s day to the original title: New Year’s day of the murder is how it happened? — visit Jia Jinglong homicide occurred Jinglong Jia information Beijing Xinhua news agency Xinhua: November 14 Lunar New Year’s day of the murder is how it happened? Visited Jia Jinglong intentional homicide occurred Xinhua News Agency reporter Luo Sha, Yang Fan, in October 2016, the Supreme People’s court in accordance with the law approved the intentional homicide of the defendant, the death penalty, the defendant,, and the death of the Chinese people’s Republic of china. For a time, some scholars and the social from all walks of life There were many discussions. The lawyer called, "spare the life". The case is really a lot of people say, "murder stems from demolition of the marriage room" was the village director of misdeeds "the murderer was arrested to the police station to surrender? Xinhua viewpoint reporter recently visited the incident to find more details of the case. The old village of conflicts is located in the north of Shijiazhuang Changan District city high Ying Zhen Bei Gao Ying Xin Cun, nearly two years due to the implementation of the transformation of old villages has undergone tremendous changes. 2015 Lunar New Year’s day, the villagers Jia Jinglong in the spring festival get-together in public with a nail gun to kill village director He Jianhua. The murder was related to the old village renovation project. Reporters in the north high camp village community residents to see a 2010 Shijiazhuang city village reconstruction Leading Group Office of the approval, approved the North Village will be included in the village in the city of the transformation plan in 2010. Neighborhood staff also presented to reporters a copy of 2009 by the then North Camp Village Committee (Party branch committee and the village committee) to develop the "North High Village old village relocation resettlement (scheme)". A "signature table of the villagers’ congress" is attached to the text of the proposal, with 30 villagers signed on behalf of the scheme. Neighborhood staff told reporters that the village began to mobilize demolition from 2009, officially launched in 2010. At that time, the village has a population of more than 2 thousand and 800 people, 701 households. For the village relocation program, more than 96% of the villagers agreed". According to this plan, the demolition of the village cottage 200 square meters per household direct compensation for the building, but also can buy the parity of the room of 100 square meters, the highest price of not more than $1400 per square meter room. "The first phase of 100 square meters of white, then allowed to buy 100 square meters, completed the transformation of old villages and then give 100 square meters." The actual area beyond the building, according to the different types of buildings to make up the difference. Chen said the villagers, he signed a demolition agreement with the village in the winter of 2010, and in 2011 removed his old house. As compensation, he has received a total of about 120 square meters, respectively, 140 square meters and 110 square meters of the three suites, and paid the difference. Do not sign the agreement, the village will not dismantle. Signed an agreement on the new premises…… To two or three months of renovation, renovation period is over, you have to dismantle the old house." Shijiazhuang intermediate people’s Court of first instance verdict on the case, Jia Jinglong’s father, as head of household, in November 2010 signed a demolition agreement with the village. Village in January 17, 2012 to Jia Tongqing issued a set of buildings, an area of 1 winter相关的主题文章: