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Victory in 2016147 recommendation: Reds return to winning track Sohu Ajax VS 1 Standard Liege recommended: 3 although Ajax in the Champions League qualifiers have been eliminated, but the team did not stoop, but recently scored a run of 6 consecutive wins, let the disc tray 0.75, having pulled up to 1, about Ajax continue to win. 2 Donetsk miners VS Braga recommended: 3 Donetsk miners is the Ukraine giants, more than a regular war in Europe, the team the last 10 games 9 wins 1 flat, obviously better than Braga, and the last 4, with Prague, miners win, the author thinks that the main victory worthy of support. 3 Krasnodar VS nice recommendation: 10 in Krasnodar last week Echao war with the central army, nearly 5 games the team 3 wins 2 flat unbeaten this season, but in the face of strength has improved the nice disc very conservative, 0.25-0.5 data is expected to shock, the nice squeeze away and back. 4.  04  VS recommended: Salzburg Shaerke; 3 was the traditional Bundesliga powerhouse, but this season the miners in the league start a disappointing defeat last week, the Hoffenheim is already lost 5 in the bundesliga. But the miners did the Europa League performance panruoliangdui, the war made 1 ball guide high water handicap, the author believes that the miners can win. 5.  Florence   VS Karabakh recommended: 31 Florence last week against AC Milan failed to win, the team draws two consecutive games, recently winning percentage is not too high, so the disc disc 1 handicap, hanging more temptation, beware of Fiorentina continue to appear small cold draw. 6 Baer Xie VS Southampton recommended: 03 in the first round upset Belcher beat Milan International Group, and Belcher in 8 games only to lose the game, an ability that can not be ignored. The recent four straight away so far found on disc, 03, lottery. The 7 Prague international Milan Spartan VS recommended: 0 inter group phase game upset to lose, but then the League winning streak, the recent state has improved, the disc at the beginning of ginseng is away to allow inter disk 0.25-0.5, data is extremely optimistic about the Nerazzurri, just behind the inter win. 8 Bucharest stars VS Villarreal recommended: 3 Villarreal first group phase to beat the Zurich team made a good start, but the situation is excellent, a performance is always not assured, the last 9 away games submarine made only one victory away to 0.25 light can not be trusted, Ashikagaaya Hiroshi found. 9 Farenair Pace VS Nord 3 Nord recommended: swallow swallow recent state hot, under the three line attack team scored 9 game winning streak, but the war the 0.25-0.5 data, somewhat optimistic, I think their strong to the end, Farenair Pace found out about. 10.  man.相关的主题文章: