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The United States and Australia Indonesia China shows strong speculation the president said it intended to dispute original title: Australia China shows strong speculation Indonesia’s president said it intended to disputes in the South China Sea [global network reported in November 7th in the global times, the Indonesian military correspondent tour Xianhe special correspondent Chen Xin Global Times reporter Wu Zhiwei "Australia," Sydney Morning Herald "5 disclosure, President Djoko of Indonesia the day before the Natuna Islands tough stance. He said that Indonesia will never compromise on sovereignty, and to establish a fishing industry in the vicinity of the sea. Australia, the United States media for zuoke this position "propaganda", claimed that he is in Chinese propaganda, means the disputes in the South China sea. Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Asia Pacific and Global Strategy Research Center for Southeast Asia researcher Xu 6, the Global Times said that China and Indonesia have no territorial sovereignty dispute, it is very clear. Djoko said on the issue of sovereignty will not compromise, not to listen to the Chinese said. Many Western media, one-sided interpretation zuoke interpret out of context in speech, is to China and Indonesia to fan the flames, their own interests. Djoko accepted the Macao Fairfax media group interview in the preparation before the visit to australia. 5, 2009, due to the outbreak of protests in the country, the abolition of the original scheduled for the beginning of the visit to Australia on the 6 day of the trip, but he was interviewed with the interview was published by the Sydney morning herald. The reporter asked why Natuna Islands zuoke construction is the priority task of Indonesia, he said, "where is our territory…… If we hold military exercises there is nothing strange, we do not compromise on the issue of sovereignty". When asked whether China is a destabilizing factor in Southeast Asia, Djoko said, I have repeatedly discussed with China the importance of peace and stability. I don’t think there will be economic growth if there is no stability. For the president of Philippines, Duthel Te, far from the United States in the United States is to weaken the ASEAN solidarity, Djoko said, I believe that the wisdom of the people of Duthel Te and the philippines". Djoko to speak for the Natuna sovereignty? "Sydney Morning Herald" reported that "is Chinese, zuoke shows a tough stance in Southeast Asia maritime power, which makes Australia some anxious state and relax, Chinese expansionistic not nobody". "Australian Financial Daily" website quoted scholars saying that the president of the United States after the general election next year, is expected to reduce the role in Asia and the two allies of the United States regions in Philippines and Malaysia have been strengthening relations with Chinese, in this context, Australia or Xu is formulating regional strategy "plan B" Indonesia and want to be part of the plan. Bloomberg said that Indonesia is in the challenge of the South China Sea sovereignty requirements". Reported that Indonesia has been in the South China Sea dispute to remain neutral, but Chinese fishing boats into the sea near the Natuna and some Chinese officials on fishing rights publicly, "or will pull into the ocean dispute indonesia". The "voice of America" said zuoke in recent months, several visits to the Indonesian Navy also strengthened the Natuna, in the waters surrounding the patrol. Reported that the joint program in Indonesia and Australia in the South China Sea cruise will be the main topic of Djoko’s visit to australia. But 3相关的主题文章: