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The U.S. B-2 combat dropped two pieces of fake bomb 700 lbs.each Sohu – according to the U.S. Department of Defense Military Channel local time October 6th disclosed that two U.S. Air Force bomber B-2 earlier this month in the Nevada desert center, with two pieces of 700 lbs. each "fake". It is reported that two nuclear models for the B61, in the 60s of last century began serving. One of them is a ground bomb, which is designed to combat underground targets, and the other is used for tactical combat. Of course, none of the two bombs have a real warhead. The United States Department of energy’s nuclear safety agency said in a statement: "the main goal of this test is to test nuclear weapons operational reliability, in the actual operation of the precision and combat parameters, evaluation of existing weapon system is improved and the life extension program." The United States Defense website Defense One10 6 analysis indicated that America is now carrying out these tests, may be associated with becoming tense relations between the United States and russia. Earlier this week, Russia announced that it would launch a massive national war on nuclear war. In September 27th, the Russian "Yuri dolgorukiy?" strategic nuclear submarine launched two Bulava ballistic missile in the white sea, the missile is the backbone of the future Russian sea based nuclear forces. But Defense One believes that the more important reason is that the United States Department of defense to update its nuclear arsenal has been in service for decades with new bombs and delivery systems, cost of the plan in the next 20 years could reach 3500-4500 billion dollars. At the last meeting of the American Air Force Association, Boeing representatives revealed their improvement on the "militia" -III intercontinental missile. According to Jane’s report, the U.S. Air Force in July 29th officially released the requirement of each group of defense tender design and manufacture of new types of cruise missiles, new intercontinental ballistic missile’s announcement has taken substantial steps to update its nuclear arsenal. The manufacture of new intercontinental ballistic missile program (Ground-Based Strategic Deterrent) in line with the current national strategic needs, can cause the effective response to the 2075 due to changes in technology and the threat to the environment under the premise of financial affordability challenges." The US Air Force wrote in the tender notice. However, the GBSD plan has caused a lot of controversy, former U.S. Defense Secretary William Perry publicly stated that the plan is unnecessary. And there have been members of Congress said earlier, based on the United States in the field of conventional weapons of great advantage, as well as the uncontrollable nuclear conflict, nuclear war will cause serious risks to the national security of the United states." The Russian satellite network reported on October 8th, the U.S. Air Force plans to manufacture 400 intercontinental ballistic missiles, also plans to develop remote standoff cruise missile (LRSO) cruise missile. LRSO can carry nuclear warheads, with a strong stealth performance, fast flight speed (supersonic), range (2500 km or more), the equivalent of a wide range of options, platform adaptability, high precision, etc.. Satellite network estimates, the cost of intercontinental missiles and LRSO projects were 8.相关的主题文章: