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U.S. media: Apple Chinese generation factory workers struggle should bear the main responsibility for the Irish EU apple to Apple recovered tax price reference news network August 31st U.S. media reported that apple in the Chinese foundry workers producing the world’s most advanced electronic products, their employer is one of the world’s most profitable companies, but their wages only to the local level of 10 years ago. According to voice of America radio website reported on August 29th, the United States a long-term concern of non governmental organizations Chinese labor rights released the latest survey report once again wins the U.S. technology giant Apple Corp. Pay to pay cuts in disguise reported that a worker surnamed Liu Apple Corp located in Shanghai, a generation of factory packaging department got the May payroll and found that their after tax income is 2950.64 yuan, less than before. He felt a little confused, last month, the company is not just to give you up 300 yuan wages, but the money how to rise less? This factory under the Taiwan Heshuo group, recently the United States Apple Corp assembled iPhone6s intelligent mobile phone. The company’s slogan is "happy work, happy life!" In April this year, the Shanghai municipal government will be the monthly minimum wage from 2020 yuan to 2190 yuan, an increase of 170 yuan, paid by 18 yuan per hour to 19 yuan. Accordingly, Chang will also be the basic level of staff salaries from the original 2020 yuan raised to $2320, but the same as the name of Liu workers, a lot of workers after the increase in the actual income but a lot less. "It has taken a more subtle approach to squeezing workers," said New York based labor rights group China labor watch. In 2015 and 2016, "Chinese labor observation" sent over investigators entered the home of the Shanghai plant to front-line workers identity, and in more than a dozen workers under the help of the secret, collected 2015 different workshops, different departments, different types of payroll, span from May 2015 to May 2016. In a comparative study of the single wage, "pointed out that, despite the Chinese labor watch factory to improve the basic wage of workers from April this year, but the company has through welfare cuts, and workers share insurance and control of labor costs. For example, the factory did not buy housing accumulation fund for employees in accordance with the provisions of Chinese law. In addition, the monthly social insurance for workers exceeded the proportion of the amount they should bear. Bonuses and subsidies, the factory workers on behalf of the average monthly salary increase of about 700 yuan, a decrease of $300 after a raise. One employee has resigned, said the previous 280 yuan of food subsidies after the cancellation of a pay increase, each worker also pay a fee of $160. "Do not work overtime to starve to death." reported that the summer of 2016, York University, a China students to front-line workers identity in the factories do undercover a month "". The students who want to be anonymous said that the average worker to work 10.5 hours a day, plus meals, rest, a day to spend in the factory for up to 12 hours. He expressed the hope that "terribly fatigued at the" (work 8 hours a day without overtime), the results have been divided and the group leader.相关的主题文章: