Two girls in Dalian were hit by a car, 1 dead, 1, two shoes, 30 meters apart.-vidalia

Two girls in Dalian were hit by a car, 1 dead, 1 seriously injured, and two shoes. The distance between them was 30 meters. The consequences were heavy: two strings, employees died and seriously injured, "how fast is this vehicle?" A few employees look sadly near a Seafood Kebabs. The reporter came up to ask to learn that two injured girls were their colleagues and worked in the restaurant. One employee said two girls were in a car accident when they returned to their homes on the way to work. "Normally, they will not be too far away when they cross the road. They can be hit by a car. One is here, one is over there… It’s really bad. " The employee sighed as he spoke. At 5:10, the reporter arrived at the First Affiliated Hospital of Dalian Medical University. A girl who was injured in the accident lay in his bed, groaning as a result of pain. "Please, save me…" It hurts! " With the comfort of his colleagues, the girl was still excited. The girl about 20 years old, there are a lot of blood on his face, his trousers are crashed, the doctor has made arrangements for the examination and treatment. After examination, the girl has signs of intracranial hemorrhage, and it is still not in danger of life. The other girl died of a bad injury, and the girl died at the age of 20.

大连俩女孩被车撞飞1死1重伤 两人鞋子相距30米   后果惨重:俩串吧员工一死一重伤   “这车速得有多快! ”附近一家海鲜串吧的几名员工神情凄然。记者上前询问获悉,两名受伤女孩系他们的同事,同在这家餐厅工作。一名员工表示,两名女孩是在下班途中返回住处时遭遇车祸的。“正常来讲,她们过马路时不会相距太远,可被车撞飞后,一个人在这边,一个人在那边……实在是太惨了。 ”这名员工边说边叹气。   5时10分,记者赶到大连医科大学附属一院。一名在本次事故中受伤的女孩躺在床上,因痛苦而不断发出呻吟声。“求求你们,救救我吧……好疼! ”在同事们的安慰下,女孩情绪仍显激动。女孩20岁左右,脸上有不少血迹,裤子也被撞破,医生已安排为其进行检查和救治。   经检查,女孩有颅内出血的迹象,目前仍未脱离生命危险。而另一名女孩则因伤重不幸去世,去世的女孩20岁出头。相关的主题文章: