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Two children age – "kindergarten shortage": 2021 – the Sohu education gap of nearly 110 thousand from the beginning of 2019, the demand of preschool education resources began to increase in 2021 to become the future running pressure of preschool education in China’s largest one year; in the long term, "two children" policy is still unable to reverse the reduction of school-age children in preschool education the trend of the preschool teacher; at present there is a huge gap, and the shortage of teachers compared to preschool education kindergarten is not enough and not enough funding and other issues become more prominent; during the period of 2021 ~2035, "two children" policy effect began to weaken, preschool education should focus to improve the quality of education. Since January 1st this year, the full implementation of a couple can have two children policy (referred to as a comprehensive two child policy) formally implemented. However, in the hope that "two children" policy to alleviate China’s low birth rate, low birth rate and aging problems at the same time, the basic and overall influence on the educational field of our country changes we have to pay attention to "two children" policy caused by population. Therefore, after a full two child policy implementation, were studied in the field of education is the urgent need in the field of education, the school changes section of students scale for prediction and analysis, advance education resource planning, actively respond to the impact of "two children" policy. Among them, pre-school education as a starting point in the field of education, can guarantee a comprehensive two child policy to increase the school children start together? In the comprehensive two child policy under the influence of pre-school education existing school buildings, teachers, funding and other resources are sufficient to bear the pressure of school-age children enrolled? If you can not clarify the comprehensive two child policy brought about by the above problems, preschool education planning and rational allocation of educational resources is a huge obstacle. Therefore, the education sector and decision-making departments are committed to solve these problems as soon as possible. In this regard, we are in the key program of the National Social Science Foundation funded system based on the system of the integration of urban and rural education and social support, to the methods of population forecast based on "preschool education comprehensive two children under the policy of" Kindergarten Teachers’ scale, scale and cost burden were forecasted, and compared the educational resources of preschool education in China’s existing and analyze the existing contradictions of education supply and demand, and puts forward specific measures to preschool education "comprehensive two children" policy, in order to provide some reference for preschool education resource planning. In 2021, after the two child era will usher in the peak year for admission in 2016 the formal implementation of "comprehensive two children" policy, the first born as a result of "comprehensive two child policy for children will be in 3 years later in 2019 reached the age of admission to preschool education. The prediction of "comprehensive two child policy will start to affect the preschool education stage school-age children from 2019, 2019 to 2021 for" comprehensive two children "policy and the new preschool education of school-age children increased rapidly after growth began to fall. Among them, in 2021 or so, a comprehensive two child policy for preschool education stage school-age children to expand the size of the largest impact, when the pre-school age of school-age children will be "comprehensive two child" policy相关的主题文章: