Top luxury Bentley new will be listed in the four quarter (video)

Luxury Bentley Mu is in the four quarter of the listed recently we learned that 2016 new mousse (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) will be in the domestic market in the 4 quarter, or the sale of 5 million yuan, is expected to launch a variety of models, and each of the models are very rich configuration option, in addition, the new Mu still launched a limited edition models, 50 global limited. As the British luxury car brand, Bentley in recent years has been to go "with the amount of price" route to cater to the market changes, the price at the Rolls-Royce ancient Stewart (ginseng, pictures, inquiry). 2016 new models are still the latest version of the new Bentley Mu is completely redesigned, the car looks more modern, more harmonious round. It also uses a new infotainment system, in addition to a series of car infotainment systems, with additional touch function, classic analog dashboard and the most advanced rear entertainment system. The main screen with 8 inches touch screen, equipped with 60G solid state hard disk for storage media. 2016 new models are still the latest version of the luxury of the extended version of the Bentley screen is still EWB display new Mu still accelerate from static to 0-100 km in just 5.3 seconds, the maximum speed of up to 296 km. The V8 engine uses a number of key technologies such as cylinder closure and variable cam phase, thereby reducing fuel consumption (combined fuel consumption of 14.6 liters of 100 km) and carbon dioxide emissions (342 g km). [2016 new version] Shangchang Mu Mu is the axis of the long wheelbase version designed for customer preferences in the design of rear ride, wheelbase 250mm (from the extension of 3266mm 3516mm), provides more legroom for rear passengers. Significant increase in internal space, in order to make full use of the additional rear space, Bentley developed the aviation electronic leg support, assembled on the base of the two rear seats. Leg rest can be extended outward and rotated to provide upright, relaxed and tilted seat positions for rear passengers. [2016 new version] new shaft Shangchang Mu Mu is the ultimate version equipped with Bentley 6¾ enhanced version liter twin turbo V8 engine, the real driver tailored. The maximum power to 537 horsepower (395 kW), peak torque of 1100 cattle · m, also optional sports suspension, accelerates from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in just 4.9 seconds, top speed of 305 kilometers per hour, ZF8 speed gearbox shift control strategy is optimized to take advantage of higher the output of the engine. 2016 new models of the latest version of the new version is also designed to further enhance the driving experience of the Sport (motion) suspension mode, in order to give full play to the strong power and acceleration performance. In the Sport (motion) mode, the new version of the four round of Mu is the ultimate air suspension are switched to the low resilience coefficient of tough state, so that the body control ability can be improved, while adjusting to the dynamic characteristics of the system, in order to obtain a clearer and more precise steering Road back to. 21 inch hand painted "Speed" alloy wheels, dark front and rear lights, interior.相关的主题文章: