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UnCategorized There are many ways on how people view tiredness. Some people believe they are tired when they feel weak and sleepy. Some people believe they are tired when they lack the motivation to move and accomplish something. Some people consider themselves tired whenever they feel sluggish and full while others think they are tired when they lack focus or concentration. Generally speaking, these are all symptoms of tiredness or fatigue. All of them are being felt by people when they are exhausted. What causes tiredness? There are numerous reasons for tiredness. Most of the time, some causes are simultaneously being experienced by people. According to studies, about 9% of people who are experiencing fatigue got it from a physical cause while about 75% got it from emotional cause. The rest got their tiredness from their lifestyle. What are the physical causes of tiredness? Inactivity and overwork can both result to tiredness. When you are inactive and never do any physical activity, your body will have less endurance and will become unfit. When you are unfit, you will more likely feel tired even when doing very minute physical activity. Overwork, on the other hand, is also not good for the body unless you have all the strength in the world. Overworking can lead to muscle strain and it can wear down the body. As a result, you will feel very tired after doing vigorous activities. Just keep a moderate exercise. Exercise that will keep you fit but will not overdo your body. Your weight can also cause tiredness. If you are underweight, this means that the body does not have so much muscles and therefore doing physical stuffs can easily tire you out. You have too little muscle strength so your body will have a hard time moving. The same is true for overweight and obese people. Because they have too much weight, it is more difficult for the body to do physical activities because it needs to support the weight of the body. Another reason is because overweight people usually have more fat level than average people. Fats slow down metabolism and slow down the absorption of nutrients in the blood. Fats make it difficult for the body to produce energy from what you eat. Therefore, to avoid being tired, maintain a normal weight. This way, you body can perform better without having to exert so much energy when moving. Other physical causes of tiredness are the medical complications of the body. For instance, people who are suffering from anemia easily get tired because of the less amount of oxygen in the blood. When the body lacks iron, it also lacks healthy red blood cells and hemoglobin responsible in carrying oxygen. It can also be caused by allergies especially food and dust allergies. When the body experiences an allergy attack, it diverts the energy of the body to fight the intruding chemical. As a result, you easily feel tired. Above are just some of the physical causes of being tired. It is important to know them to be able to address the fatigue problem accordingly. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: