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This is what the spy film   clear in teaching you how to get out of style – fashion suit — original title: This is what the spy film clearly how you put out the fire suit sentiment "sparrow" in teaching! Not because of the plot, but the actors in the suit (too bad). Inside the suit is full of a strong sense of fashion, there is no sense of age, this season will be able to wear! Li Yifeng, Zhang Ruoyun, Li Yifeng, Zhang Ruoyun "sparrow" stills play four men, justice, evil, cruelty, grace, yuppie…… Different suits play an important role in shaping the image.     Li Yifeng with clear casual linen fabrics are Li Yifeng’s character seems cynical, his suit is retro, fabric is "rough", is free and easy with people. Pay attention to the details of his clothes. Striped suit, shirt with bow tie, is consistent with the image of the characters, participate in the banquet can refer to such a dress. This casual suit is a bit of fun, stripes are inconsistent, but also very coordinated splicing. This suit color is simple and elegant, but also to Dongyu Zhou and other coordination. Even wearing three piece also did not forget to release the shirt collar, scarf. Zhang Luyi Zhang Luyi played mostly stripe precise details of Bi Zhongliang, the comb head oil, was wearing a suit, very slim, and exquisite details (such as pocket towel). In the show calm mature man at the same time, but also bring in the serious careful, suspicious, old, crafty person figure. Closure collar dress collocation, tie is too classic. Choose light color to echo is more conspicuous, his on-screen identity. Zhang Ruoyun article gentleman elegant Plaid section are Zhang Ruoyun’s Tangshan sea iceberg, refined and cultured, well groomed young man, popular. When the character is also on the micro-blog hot topic list, many sisters are sad. Even a big Plaid suit, Zhang Ruoyun also manage well. Zhang Ruoyun’s suit in the drama of the majority of the pattern, the color is also partial gray, more elegant, the feeling of a gentleman. The back design of the shirt is very intimate, very slim, thin fabric, don’t forget to add some badges, let temperament seem even more "hard" gas. Zhang Ruoyun’s suit is a lot of 94. Even the gentle and strong man well groomed young man. Suit, shirt, tie, trousers are good "flash", attended the meeting, you can wear oh. Zhang Ruoyun’s party dress, Li Yifeng no stripes publicity, no Luyi Zhang tie domineering, black and white collocation, and don’t forget the details. Yin Zhengpian cold Yin is cold fierce fierce play to shape traitors Jiangsu provinces, too well. Striped suit collocation Plaid tie light, a large area of white collar, increasingly feel cold! Cool! (commissioning editor: Liu Boxue, Li?)相关的主题文章: