There are eleven pairs of goods are still stuck in the road there is a courier with his wife sent

Eleven double goods still blocking the road courier pull daughter-in-law together to send the original title: Double eleven nearly two weeks after the goods have not received the "double eleven" rapidly over the past two weeks, but many people reflect single goods not received, several courier companies are now warehouse explosion phenomenon, the impact of weather plus parts delayed delivery schedule. Many couriers said that this time the "Crazy", more than 9 at night still to run, the Beijing Morning Post reporter learned that a courier busy pulling together to send daughter-in-law. The goods have been on the road according to Ms. Zhang said, until yesterday, "double eleven" single package and two things on the way, "the seller shipped down without delay, is the logistics information update too slow, No. 19 has been to Beijing, that was 3 days had not delivered." Reporters from the logistics information of Ms. Zhang to see the early morning of November 11th from her Tmall flagship store UNIQLO of a single piece of clothing, next day delivery orders. In November 19th the goods arrived in Beijing, but so far the goods have not been delivered to ms.. The reporter then from Lanshou parcel home delivery company learned that due to a serious backlog of goods, goods due to delivery delays, customer service staff said, "basically every user of the package can not be in accordance with the speed of delivery before delivery, please wait patiently." After the reporter found that multi knowledge, not only Ms. Zhang encountered courier change slow delivery situation. University student Liu "double eleven" when the world single piece of warm pants are "blocking" on the road, the Yuantong Express Lanshou package also said not to send the parcel area more, the backlog of cases. As early as November 12th, the State Post Bureau on the release of data, said only eleven of the day of the national courier companies deal with express mail, an increase of 52%. The number of courier companies, micro-blog announced on the website to inform the user of "double eleven" after the package delivery may be delayed. Among them, the number of more is the main reason, there are courier staff said the weather is also part of the reasons for the delay in delivery. One day 500 school is a big hand chop "does not receive the express, not to commodity buyers than seckill also impatient, have moved to the courier company official micro-blog tucao. There are some people complain, not to express, even think about a courier pick up a piece of mail also repeatedly refused, "are busy shipping, no time to pick up a single shipment." Anxious but to wait for the package of buyers, and rush courier. Chaoyang District near Asian Sports Village express delivery station, a courier told reporters, in the past a small day trip, now to three times are sent up, send about more than and 300 pieces a day, "I this is not too much, those who ran the university colleagues, the peak day 500". In order to be able to get things finished, he got up at six in the morning after a busy, "one night more than 9 points are still sent". Because some express delivery was late, he could not help but have to face a cold face, this is not good to do, only to lose a hurry to send the next". There are too many daughters to help because the package is too much to deliver, the courier Xiao Zheng’s wife Kobayashi after work together to help, the couple usually to a 7相关的主题文章: