Then the performance level car explosion of new SUV full speed (video) didadi

Then the performance level car explosion of new SUV full speed for passion! Super run was too expensive and too exaggerated? Cannon is too small not practical? These four cars should be able to meet your dual requirements for performance and space. The main drive of Volkswagen TiguanR Line 2015 view record before we learned by foreign media, the performance of SUV mass — a new TiguanR or 2.0T will be powered by a turbocharged four cylinder engine, and is expected to debut in March 2017 at the Geneva motor show. Appearance, the new TiguanR compared to ordinary cars in front of a sport package equipped with silver plate, the tail exhaust layout of bilateral total four, have a look more sporty. Power, according to the latest news, TiguanR or golf and overseas version (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) R shared power system, equipped with a new 2.0T four cylinder turbocharged engine, maximum power of 304 horsepower; transmission, with the engine, or will be a 6 speed dual DSG clutch gearbox. In addition, the new TiguanR will be equipped with a 4MOTION four-wheel drive system. Recently, some foreign media reports, BMW or a high performance large SUV – BMW X7M, the car will be based on the BMW X7 models to create the future. BMW is currently on the prospects for the new car is expected around 2018 BMW will decide whether or not the production of this car. BMW X7 outlook forecast, BMW X7M appearance should be more similar to the BMW X7 models, but the details of the design will be more radical. The front face of the new car will use BMW’s new family design, and the headlight shape is still open eye style grille area compared to the X5 models will be greater. In addition, according to the new large SUV positioning, BMW X7M body length may reach 5100mm. Power, BMW X7M and the new generation of M5 will use the same 4.4T twin turbocharged engine, after the re adjustment of the maximum power of 629 horsepower. At the same time, BMW X7M will use BMW X5 cash M (ginseng, pictures, inquiry) xDrive and X6 M on the four-wheel drive system. Recently, overseas media have released the imaginary map a set of Porsche Cayenne Coupe models, the new car will be based on the new Cayenne building, as a coupe SUV. According to previous reports, the fastest car will be officially launched in 2018. Appearance, the new car in the first half of the body and the general version of the Cayenne is basically the same, the main changes in the rear of the body, the new car roof line from the door B column began to decline, the formation of sliding back style Coupe. The tail, the new car will also use a new style taillights and bilateral total four exhaust. "Before the exposure of the Porsche CayenneCoupe car camouflage test it is reported that the Porsche Cayenne Coupe models will be based on BMW X6 (ginseng, pictures, inquiry), Benz GLE SUV as a competitor, power systems, the new car is expected to.相关的主题文章: