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The Venice Film Festival "focusing China"   Chinese and foreign filmmakers Watch Co Productions – media – original title: 3 days at the Venice Film Festival premiere harvest praise foreign Co productions of Sino foreign co production film "coffee storm" from the Venice Film Festival, the film festival two days before the official forum of Chinese and foreign filmmakers on the film co production issues discussion of Sino foreign cooperation projects is a hot topic of the film market…… Sino foreign co production film has become a bright spot in this year’s Venice Film Festival has attracted much attention. Italy cultural heritage and Tourism Minister Dario? "In focus Chinese Franceschini" forum said, through the co production film can enhance the public understanding of other countries at the same time, can promote the development of bilateral film. He said that the Italy government support in the project, has been and will continue to release film policy. Italy has been carried out in cooperation with many countries in recent years, with the cooperation of Chinese attach great importance. "Italy has a strong curiosity and love for China, and China is the same for Italy." The famous Italy actor, producer and director Maria Grazia?? GUCCI nota recently finished a film with Chinese cooperation. After filming, she decided to stay in China for some time, while looking for a new film project, but mainly because it is full of vitality, rhythm and attractive force. For the Chinese audience, Italy is also full of charm. The Italy Film Commission Chairman Stan Fanha? Ippoliti in an interview with Xinhua News Agency reporters said that the Italy beautiful scenery, can provide high-quality in CO production film professionals and technical support. Huayi Brothers pictures CEO Ye Ning pointed out that the global film market, Chinese is the main engine of driving, in the past 5 years has experienced rapid growth. This year the slowdown, this is because China film industry pay more attention to quality rather than quantity, and the film is a kind of way to the pursuit of quality. The China film industry, foreign partners to provide an excellent film "sea" opportunity, also can let Chinese film enhance their level and ability in practice. China Film Co-Production Corporation general manager Miao Xiaotian said, in the Chinese role in CO production has changed, to provide cheap labor and location from decades ago to now become the main investment leading role. China films also benefit in the co production process, which is not only reflected in the level of film production, but also in more and more international working concept, such as in the foreign mature end piece of insurance products is through the film Chinese market introduction. Miao Xiaotian said, at this stage to film is easy, but to take good pictures is not easy. He said that so far, Coproductions success in overseas markets is not much, the most successful in the foreign Chinese movie theme is nothing more than the costume, action and martial arts, and in the domestic high box office of youth and love movies in foreign countries is not popular. The reason, the film content accounted for a large part of the factors. Based on the content of CO productions, internationalise the film industry can make advantage of high quality films. Paul, chief executive officer of the Italy state television channel, who is now on the road to the film, is now on her way to the top of the list, "said Del, a?相关的主题文章: