The United States military alliance to prevent the development of chemical weapons resistance is – B

The United States military alliance to prevent its chemical resistance IS development in Southeast Asia expansion – Beijing, Beijing, September 24, according to foreign media reports, recently, the United States of the extremist organization Islamic state (IS) "trend of manufacturing chemical weapons expressed concern. The United States is seeking more active allies in Southeast Asia to prevent the organization of the Iraqi government in the region. According to reports, the U.S. Secretary of defense Carter this month 22 days before the Senate Committee on military affairs, headed by the United States is allied "prevent the Iraqi national organization, the development of chemical weapons" to ensure that the coalition and Iraqi forces are not affected by the threat of such weapons. Data figure: invasion of the Allied fighter IS Carter said last week in a raid in which the largest "destroyed in a chemical plant near the Iraqi city of Mosul, because the Iraqi national organization plans to produce chemical weapons in there. The Pentagon officials had earlier pointed out that the Iraqi national organization intends to use the pharmaceutical factory to produce chlorine (chlorine gas). Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff Deng Fude in the hearing was confirmed in the Iraqi national organization in Iraq on Tuesday near the molecules to the United States military base qayyarah fired a rocket containing mustard gas. The attack did not cause casualties. Deng Fude said: "our evaluation shows which contains sulfur mustard blistering agent." The Iraqi National Organization currently has only the ability to launch chemical weapons, but the launch of chemical weapons rockets is a "worrying development". He said that over the past year, the Allied forces for the Iraqi national organization "increasing the ability of chemical weapons" launched 30 attacks. It is reported that the rocket attacks caused no casualties, but if the mustard gas, can be disabled or hurt skin, eyes and respiratory tract, serious will death. It is understood that IS has been accused of manufacturing and using chemical weapons in Iraq and Syria control area. An Iraqi general told Bloomberg that the Iraqi government is trying to use "expired" chemical weapons to deal with Iraqi forces, but "no harm."". U.S. authorities are also seeking more action from Southeast Asian allies to prevent the formation and expansion of the Iraqi government in the region. Deng Fude said at the hearing, a number of countries in Southeast Asia have emerged in Iraq, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines and singapore. The governments of these countries are worried about the attacks in the territory and the country’s involvement in Iraq and Syria, and the United States is helping them implement information sharing for extremist groups. "We are working with them to develop a framework for sharing information and intelligence," Deng Fude said……. We are sure that we are working closely with our partners." Carter said that he will meet next week in Hawaii with Southeast Asian Nations Secretary of defense, the Iraqi national organization will be the subject of discussion. He said: "Southeast Asia is certainly the place it wants to expand." According to Deng Fude, it has been more than 1000 Indonesian citizens in Iraq or Syria to join IS, Philippines has hundreds of people. Some extremist organizations in Indonesia have been sworn;相关的主题文章: