The United States a number of attacks caused by the election of the nervous tension is more complex invictus gaming

The attacks caused by national competition nervous election more complex – Beijing, Beijing, September 21 Xinhua comprehensive report, 17 days and 18 days for two days, the United States of New York and New Jersey, three explosions occurred, Minnesota stabbing incident caused widespread concern. 19, the Manhattan bombings suspects arrested, police also said that he and the New Jersey bombings associated. Minnesota case suspects have been killed by the police on the spot. Currently, the police are still investigating the case. However, the four attacks in the past two days to the nervous tension of the American people, the United Nations General Assembly is held in New York to strengthen security, while the United States and many have come out with a suspicious package related Oolong event. At the same time, the U.S. presidential election competition, but also because of the attacks and more complicated. The United States in the past two days, there have been three explosions. Currently, three incidents are still under investigation, there is no correlation between them is not known. The picture shows the local time on September 18th, New York police bomb detection robot to detect an explosive device. [48 hours of fierce, Manhattan bombings suspects arrested] 19, the police issued an arrest warrant, found 28 year old Ahmad Khan – Department of the Manhattan bombings suspects lahmi. Shortly after, the police received New Jersey Linden, a bar owner said the suspect found traces of alarm. After a fierce gun battle, the police arrested the injured lahmi at noon on the day around. Police information shows that Rahami is a U.S. citizen of Afghanistan, originally in New York, 15 miles from the city of New Jersey, a fried chicken shop to work in the city of. According to the news, after the war had been to Afghanistan several times, and when the United States was subject to customs officers questioned, but he never appeared in the anti terrorist militants in the radar. Rahami was charged with five counts of attempted murder, illegal possession of weapons of the two class and possession of weapons of a class of two. In addition, federal agencies are also prepared to prosecute him for fear of assault. U.S. cable television (CNN) reported that the "direct contact" Rahami and New York Manhattan and New Jersey Binhai town marathon bombings, but also with the New Jersey train station Elizabeth found explosives are associated. China News Agency reporter Liao Pan photo " src=" cnsupload big 2016 09-18 4-426 434caefc160a43de85dd97a323edc90e.jpg" title=" local time on September 17th, New York Manhattan District Chelsea, in an interview with reporters outside the warning area. That night, Chelsea, Manhattan, New York explosion has caused 29 people were injured, one seriously injured, but no life-threatening. Preliminary investigation shows that this is a deliberate act, but there is no evidence that the explosion related to terrorist attacks. China News Agency reporter Liao Pan photo " > local time on September 17th, New York, Manhattan, Chelsea block, the reporter interviewed outside the warning area. That night, Manhattan New York cut)相关的主题文章: