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The steel debt payment ushered in an important node of the   debt or straw – energy – original title: Steel bonds debt or usher in an important node into the straw in the industry concerned in 2010 China steel Limited by Share Ltd corporate bonds (hereinafter referred to as the "10 steel debt payment) or will usher in an important point. One is after 15 Miss after the new expiry date again, additional stock pledge space almost dried up; the other side is in regulators "debt equity swap" an opportunity. Back to the sale of the registration period Miss 15 of August 16th, China steel Limited by Share Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Steel shares") to extend the 10 steel debt sold back to the registration period, which is the fifteenth miss. Sinosteel Corporation announced that, in order to effectively safeguard the rights and interests of investors, to protect the interests of investors, the company intends to listed company stock for the Sinosteel international pledge additional bonds. In order to implement the "10 steel debt solutions for specific work, with the consent of the holders, the resale registration adjustment period for September 30, 2015 to August 30, 2016. Public data shows, 10 steel debt is steel shares a bond issued in 2010, the total amount of 2 billion yuan, the 5+2Y period, the coupon rate is 5.3%, scheduled for October 20, 2015 to date of the interest, and facing investors sell back exercise. But in October 10, 2015, 10 steel debt sold back to the registration period was extended to October 16th of the same year. The debt secured party Sinosteel, whereas Steel shares headquarters and part of the sub enterprise cash flow dried up, if investors exercise the put option, the company may be unable to meet the interest due, is bound to the risk of default. On October 16, 2015, 10 steel debt and second extension. Steel shares announcement that the company intends to hold shares of listed companies Sinosteel international 10 steel debt pledge additional collateral or guarantees, taking into account the new may affect the bond rating and investors sell back the will, it will be the 10 steel debt sold back to the registration period of adjustment for September 30, 2015 to November 16th. But in November 16th the resale registration period is approaching, China Steel shares "has been postponed 10 steel debt holders meeting vote" on the 10 steel debt once again postponed to December 16th. Since then, the "sale registration period of 10 steel debt back to" open "postponed indefinitely" mode. As of August 16th this year, the resale registration period has fifteenth miss. In this regard, insiders believe that 10 steel debt can not be paid for many reasons. The main reason is that steel shares its poor operating conditions, the two aspects of production and trade are a problem, but the downturn in the industry but also to add a steel debt pressure. "Not in no sincerity to pay. As for the iron and steel industry, iron and steel production enterprises and strategic emerging industries to provide comprehensive support, systems integration services to large central enterprises, as of early last year, the group and the 72 subsidiary debt of more than about 100000000000 yuan, involving more than and 80 domestic and foreign banks and trust)相关的主题文章: