The S6 World Finals appearance League history and the new world mp7a1

The S6 World Finals appearance: League history and the new world America Staples Center, the Lakers and Clippers home court, here, the annual 2016 League clash kicked off. The stage is the middle game player familiar hextech chest quiet waiting for. With the countdown to zero, the chest open, the music played, of subversion, between hero Summoner Canyon, fierce fighting. A completely new and independent virtual world in music and light and shadow in the eyes of the audience. The theme song "burn" – Open league history theme "burning" by DJ Zedd was made. DJ Zedd main production of music type is Electro House. As in recent years, the popular DJ, Zedd, MTV, Grammy gains issued by Billboard and other agency’s blockbuster awards, for the creation of S6’s theme song "burn" with his unique features of electronic music. S6 theme song changed before the heavy metal rock style, with some of the 8-bit style tone analog keyboard and mouse light tick rhythm, so that people can feel the vitality and creativity of the fingertips of the players. The hero alliance from a wilderness to the highly anticipated, is in the dance countless Summoner fingers and the keyboard and mouse are gradually being written. While MV is integrated into the European and American hardcore animation elements, with a review of the game player since 2011 since the global finals, representative each tournament in the moment. S1 is ADC Yellowstar in the precision guidance, and veteran has faded again, with another identity in gaming. S2 TPA Toys led a blitz, created an impossible miracle. S3 TheOddOne commando, although I will carry millions of people. S4 Lovelin single handedly stop stealing Mantis home FNC specialist madness, support OMG completed 50 blood shaking comeback. S5 roll broccoli devil Faker two degrees challengethrone climbed to the top of the world. In the S6 finals, back then, count the past, feeling more than too much anticipated for the upcoming match UPS, with can’t help. 3D screen projection technology — technology box in the new world in the middle of the stage, the first use of the Riot projection technology, DJ Zedd creation of the S6 theme song "burn" "expand", MV is out of the plane of the limitations in stereo form in front of the audience. The dark environment, the stage was lit, hextech chest was opened, a stunning effect of naked eye 3D. After Zedd stood hextech treasure in performances, and the curtain has formed a rectangular box, as an independent world, but has a close within reach. The MV in diffuse wind curtain, stage in science and technology with the music box also transforms the light effect, stacked light, perfect switch two yuan and three yuan for the audience to experience a broken wall dimension in front of the feelings. The opening ceremony of the S6 finals is simulated by the 3D (3D simulations wits screen projection technology相关的主题文章: