The return peak accompanied by rain typhoon Aere has no obvious effect on Ningbo-ajviewer

The return peak accompanied by rain typhoon "Aere" in Ningbo had no significant effect on the National Day holiday coming to an end, the thick clouds covered the sky yongcheng. Return peak, rainy accompanied. According to the weather forecast, tomorrow, by the No. nineteenth typhoon "Aere" peripheral circulation as well as the northern cold air diffusion effect, the South East, the eastern part of Jianghuai more rain showers, including Eastern Zhejiang, South Central, Eastern Fujian, Shanghai, Jiangsu and Taiwan in eastern Guangdong and other places have moderate or heavy rain, local heavy rain or heavy rain. According to the analysis of the latest data, the city cloudy to cloudy tomorrow, sometimes there are showers, large local rainfall, which may cause adverse effect on the first day of the holiday return and traffic. According to the weather forecast, this year the nineteenth typhoon "Aere" (tropical storm level) to 8 yesterday morning in Hongkong about 700 kilometers southeast of the sea on the 18 generation, when the typhoon center is located 20.5 degrees north latitude, 118.5 degrees east longitude, "Aere" will be 10 to 15 kilometers per hour to move to the west side of enter the South China Sea, and has no obvious effect on the city. Cold air activity is frequent in the north in the near future. Affected by cold air, 8 days from the date of the city has significant cooling process, and tomorrow the maximum temperature is 26 degrees centigrade to 28 degrees centigrade, 9 days, the maximum temperature of 25 degrees celsius.

返程高峰阴雨相伴 台风“艾利”对宁波无明显影响国庆长假进入尾声,厚厚的云层覆盖了甬城上空。返程高峰,阴雨相伴。根据中央气象台预报,今明两天,受第19号台风“艾利”外围环流以及北方扩散冷空气共同影响,江南东部、江淮东部多阵性降雨,其中浙江东部、江苏中南部、上海、福建东部、广东东部和台湾等地有中雨或大雨,局地暴雨或大暴雨。根据最新资料分析,今明两天我市多云到阴,有时有阵雨,局部雨量较大,可能对假日返程和上班第一天的交通造成不利影响。根据市气象台预报,今年第19号台风“艾利”(热带风暴级)于昨天上午8时在香港东南方向约700公里的海面上生成,18时台风中心位于北纬20.5度、东经118.5度,“艾利”将以10至15公里的时速向偏西方向移动,进入南海,对我市无明显影响。近期北方冷空气活动频繁。受冷空气影响,从8日起我市有明显降温过程,今明两天最高气温为26℃至28℃,9日起,最高气温25℃以下。相关的主题文章: