The Reasons Why I Really Like Our New Asus Rt-n56u-winflash

.puters-and-Technology Hi everybody, I recently bought abrand-new wi-fi router (ASUS RT N56U Wireless Router) and I am very happy because it is great, I Love The New Asus Black Diamond. My older wi-fi router (TP Link) seriously sucked and I was regularly having difficulty with it. I was continuously being forced to reset my old router. Sometimes as up to more than once a week. I would be sitting there and my internet would simply stop working.Another thing that was annoying me was the fact my old wireless router did not have Gigabit switch ports or the other great features the ASUS RT-N56U .es with.In fact it didnt have a lot of features that the ASUS RT-N56U provides or the awesome design. It was also getting kind of lame to look at and the Asus Black Diamond is really cool looking. Especially in the dark. Just like something Darth Vader might own! I’m genuinely glad I got rid of the previous wireless router and replaced it with the Asus Black Diamond. ASUS RT-N56U Features: In some ways it may not be fair to .pare this wireless router to other wireless routers because it has high end features such as HW NAT Accelleration and Ai Radar which other wireless router manufactures havent even thought of!I seriously like its interesting design, its dual-band support intended for a lag free gaming environment.It supports HD Videos and intense mult-player .puter games effortlessly. The twin Universal serial bus slots are one more thing which I like about this router. This is a basic product description of the RT-N56U: OEM: ASUS .puters, Part number is RT-N56U, It is a dual band wireless router which .es IEEE draft standard 802.11n and 5 radios or antennas for better signal reception and transmission. One wireless band is on the 5Ghz band and the other on the 2.4 Ghz band. You may use BOTH simultaneously. Allowing you to use one for video games and the other for surfing. Four Gigabit switch ports. Two USB ports and one WAN port. The web interface is far more useful and intuitive than what you’ll find on most wireless routers. The wonderfully organized and user-friendly graphical user interface is very easy to use. My Experience: Well, after about a few weeks the router is still humming along and doing every thing I ask of it. The wireless router looks beautiful and is a .plement to my decor. The user interface is the best I have seen on any other wireless router and makes setting up my wi-fi .work almost enjoyable. Positives: The look is sleek and the signal is strong. Fast Gigabit Ether. ports and the USB ports are very configurable to do just about anything. Cons: Since the EZ UI Interface is not like other wireless router web interfaces it’s a little slow sometimes. Conclusion: We have had 3 different wireless routers before the ASUS RT N56U. I wish We skipped all of the other routers and went right to the RT-N56U! The RT-N56U was designed to handle the extreme load of gaming and multimedia with no trouble. This wireless router is a must if you do a lot of video gaming or watching youtube or .flix movies. One additional thing is that it is actually less expensive than the better-known Cisco wireless routers in its class. Along with the routers high performance it also sports a dazzling, almost sexy look. Features like Hardware NAT Acceleration and "Ai Radar" give this router superpowers unachievable with mortal wireless routers. The dual USB ports add an extra you’ll discover many purposes for. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: