The raging like a storm who is the real fashion circle, authority figures

The raging like a storm who is the real fashion circle, authority figures? Today, fashion circle hierarchy has been shaped by the different ways. In 1971, Chanel cocoa · after the death of Kitty D ‘Alessio, the mad period marketing executive genius, soon in the fashion house rise. She through the development of core business strategy will focus on young consumers, naturally become the Chanel brand president. The loyal customers of Chanel’s custom clothes are their gold master. D ‘Alessio in order to make the brand more diversified, the creation of Chanel beauty products line and clothing line. By 1977, Chanel has a full range of today’s brand prototype. In 1983, she was in the Chloé office; designer Lafayette Karl Lagerfeld mining to take over Chanel Chanel. This also contributed to the industry in the most lasting and evergreen tree in the mix of earnings, is the life of the contract as the Lafayette Chanel designer. In 1985, the American Association of fashion designers CFDA organization that D ‘Alessio is to help Chanel glow in the United States Youth’. In 1986, D Alessio is a model to support the use of Inè s de la Fressange advertising photos, but this opinion laobiye draw further apart. Soon, she found that she was demoted to a symbolic position. "The good news is: Kitty D ‘Alessio is the director of special projects, the bad news is: we do not have any special items." Lafayette said so. Alessio ‘D out. This story in the fashion industry to industry with blossom everywhere, an indifferent reputation. Of course, there are a lot of truth behind the story, like the queen wearing Prada. But now, the influence of the fashion circle has begun to change. Lafayette Karl Lagerfeld in Chanel lasting career also allows him to be able to put yourself into a brand. But now, the designer’s tenure in a brand is more like a quick decision than a lasting commitment. In the same way, the magazine editors who have been able to do anything are now challenged by the rising new voices in the social network. Want to influence in the formation of the fashion circle, it is not so painful and difficult process. "I don’t know now the couple would become Lafayette, become an era of characters you need to have mortal creativity and drive beyond mortal. Because most people don’t want to have to work so hard, especially when they are very young, already achieve success and win recognition." Experienced fashion reporter Michael Gross said. He’s got a knack for being filled with style and high-end social positions. He is also Focus: The Secret, Sexy, Sometimes World of Sordid Fashionl相关的主题文章: