The performance of the young generation from the visible to the invisible zuczug

The younger generation of " " performance; art from tangible to intangible transformation?   his show "live performance"   in the fifty-fifth Venice Biennale;             introduction: "my art was originally a creation of a out of the ordinary work. Art is always a physical form, art is constantly changing with the development of science and technology, from the original cave paintings to the network art today. I would like to wedge this logic, and use the technology as a purely technical level of media, to prove that no entity can also work forever." The fifty-fifth Venice Biennale. The Golden Lion Award winner artist TINO · Zagel said. From the beginning of 2000, the contemporary art circle, in the field of art, he was in a "Scene", "Art Theater" art scene ", or is currently prevailing in the domestic young artists in the show" famous art. Over the past one or two years, more and more people have begun to take part in the field of "performing arts" or "theater" art, regardless of the contemporary young artists, or the major art museums and institutions. Because of this form of art needs to mobilize the various factors, such as the creation of needs and other kinds of Arts for cross-border cooperation: in addition to the fusion dance performances, music, sound, etc. these non visual art form, but also include the stage design, lighting, costumes and the performance associated with the device, images and other visual art category creation, make it become very difficult to define the type of art. But if it is discussed in detail, this kind of "acting" art has many similarities. For example, the use of the body itself, the relationship of equality, and the interaction between the audience, even as his · saigeer said "in the form of anti art" features, "the creation form of performing arts" has the characteristics of avant-garde experiment, at the same time, but also has a strong appeal to the masses. But more importantly, it can not be sold as a drama performance; at the same time it is difficult to sell as a work of art, so it has a certain anti commercial or marketing characteristics. However, with the creation of contemporary art gradually diversified, artists began to try cross-border cooperation in different fields, such as "performance art" has increasingly become a generation of young artists are willing to try the way. In Wang Huangsheng’s view, the younger generation of artists, compared with the previous generation, the treatment of art more relaxed, more open attitude, making them more creative media in the creation of possible. They make use of this kind of pluralistic, cross performing art practice mode, the traditional understanding of art, as well as the boundaries of art created a challenge, providing a new thinking and possible. In June 8, 2016, the Long March Space Exhibition "in a day. Chen opened live performances of young artists in a" show style "in June 8, 2016, Chen network相关的主题文章: