The outbreak of the property market housing loans increased loan to promote growth in recent years, kairui

The outbreak of the property market housing loans increased loan to promote growth in recent years, hitherto unknown 18 banks disclosure report the outbreak of a good day to promote the property market housing loans increased the bank’s coming to an end. Regardless of the bank chiefs would like to, as before, lying to make money, the opportunity has become less and less. As of yesterday, the 18 interim results of listed banks are fully disclosed. Although the 18 banks still earn nearly 2 billion yuan, but net profit growth rate can be maintained in the two digit number is not much, not surprisingly, the real estate loan growth stimulating become a powerful engine driving bank performance. Loans accounted for the largest share of "loan growth in recent years is hitherto unknown." Citic bank executives admitted in the interim results conference, especially the rapid growth of mortgage. Data show that CITIC bank mortgage loan growth of 29.4%. Almost all of the bank’s performance report, the housing loan data were asked without any omission. The bank’s data is evidence of previous mortgage lending is now occupy half of the country. Data show that in agriculture, industry, construction, delivery and other five large state-owned bank mortgage bank scale has been disclosed in the semi annual report, accounted for the largest share. According to the five major state-owned banks report shows that the end of the month of the total balance of up to 8 trillion and 720 billion yuan of housing loans to $6. Among them, China Construction Bank is still the largest bank loans, as of the end of 6, CCB balance of 3 trillion and 210 billion yuan loans. The central bank previously released data show that from 1 to June this year, the National Mortgage added $2 trillion and 360 billion, an increase of more than $1 trillion and 250 billion. The low rate of bad debts into bank loan loan ", is also a compelling advantage." A bank insiders admitted that the current enterprise effective demand for loans less loan, especially the individual housing loans bad debts rate is relatively low, so the banks can choose the loan business one after another. This year’s report shows that the rate of non-performing loans of banks have begun to decline, ICBC, CITIC, Everbright, Ningbo and other banks even worse decline. The banks adjust loan business structure, loan and housing loans were non-performing rate of individual housing loans figure: most banks were less than 0.5%, far lower than the average rate of bad industry 1.75%. In the example, the non-performing loan rate of only 0.4%. Bank of China do mortgage is a choice." Liu Qiang, vice president of Bank of China, said that in all housing loans, the first suite loans accounted for 96%. A major growth area is north of Guangzhou Shenzhen and other key city. The mortgage growth worries of Renmin University of China professor Zhao Xijun said, leading to rising bank loan has many factors, lit by the housing loan outbreak is very eye-catching, active factors develop this is the bank loan. China’s urbanization process brought about by a large number of real estate needs of the real estate market fiery, urban residents living conditions, living conditions continue to improve the real estate plus a fire." Zhao Xijun said that rising housing prices, leading to the investment intentions of urban residents, strong purchasing power, but the price is too high to promote the growth of individual mortgage loans. "This year相关的主题文章: