The original iPhone 80% camera function you are using the wrong

The original iPhone 80% camera you are wrong in the era of self, even though you may have used iPhone to shoot a lot of pictures, some special function but you may still not familiar with the services built, these are most users ignore the function; even if you have been familiar with most of its shooting functions however, iPhone80% camera, you are wrong. Don’t underestimate its simple operation interface: a shutter button is a toggle button, before the rear camera a HDR switch in a flash switch a filter option to switch the shooting mode (video, square, panoramic) focus and metering point to you first look at the popularity of these hidden features, do not know is not to say you iPhone! Can press the volume key pictures directly use the volume keys on the headset camera can take pictures without unlocking long press the shutter button can achieve 10 s continuous time-lapse photography and slow motion video make more fun using the grid line camera then, these simple tips that will show how magical effect. 1, HDR is god horse function? IPhone camera mode, you can choose HDR mode: automatic, open or close. To improve the dark brightness reduce overexposure phenomenon at the same time. Equivalent to the camera exposure compensation, in the use of HDR mode, iPhone in the photo App will generate two photos for your choice. Open the HDR 2 and AE AF iPhone to lock the shooting lights when taking photos in light of relatively large differences, a target will click on the frame in the automatic focusing and automatic exposure. However, if the long press the corresponding place, there will be "AE AF lock" tip, that is, the camera is no longer automatic exposure and auto focus. Close to the theme, focusing on the theme, it will shoot out of the focal spot to take advantage of this feature, in the shooting of the night, on the place near the AE AF lock, and then shoot the prospect of spot effect. 5, fast mobile phone to create dynamic lens in the mobile phone at the same time and press the shutter, so the picture will leave traces of moving pictures. For example, the rapid rotation of the phone when shooting, you can create a curved horizon. Such as shoot leaves on the ground, but also in your friends all cool. 6, homemade three tripod and shutter line using the plug when the tripod and headset as the shutter release, you can play the street. 7, imitation macro old is played in the iPhone camera on a drop of water, you can shoot photos near the iPhone macro, when using microscope. Can be applied to some small props, 20 pieces of Taobao to buy all of the iPhone macro, fisheye lens. Do you feel this texture, only the camera can shoot out. There are many such opportunistic and creative way of shooting, such as a glass of water to complete the shooting may take fish in the fish at home, or take a shower in the bathtub to see self. Add a telescope in front of the camera.相关的主题文章: