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The new OG lineup announced: join the wealthy teenager ana iG in single source: the spring and autumn overlord OG team star competing to determine a new lineup of them today, paradoxically, on behalf of the iG team had played NEA and won the Australian Chinese teenager ana joined the marines. In the spring and autumn Ti6 encounter Waterloo overlord OG finally released the list of teams for their new lineup. In addition to the message before extensive publicity before the A team veteran S4 and European soil Elvis Presley before liquid Corps jerax, og also introduced beyond all expectations before the iG team as a substitute for young Australian teenager ana. This is the biggest unknown by the 4 players and the new team is undoubtedly the biggest ana. Although in the short period of time to help the iG team in the bird’s nest harvest NEA champion, but on the larger stage he can withstand the pressure to play their level is still unknown. Notail and Fly put the treasure on his body, then he can not become the next miracle, even beyond him? We will wait and see. And the other doubt is the position of the team assignment problem. S4 and ana are in a single position in their career, and Notail is the number 1, number 4. It is widely believed that S4 will transform the 3 bit, then the effect of his transformation will also directly affect the future results of OG. After the reorganization of the new OG team lineup is as follows: Tal ‘Fly’ AizikDenmark   Johan ‘n0tail’ SundsteinJesse ‘JerAx’ VainikkaGustav ‘S4’ MagnussonAnathan ‘Ana’ Pham相关的主题文章: