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The new national human rights action plan highlights – Politics – in China celebrate the national day of the autumn season, the "national human rights action plan (2016 – 2020)" shows the world, walk in the road for the vigorous revival of people’s Republic of China has added luster. This is since 2009, China’s third action plan to promote the development of human rights, Chinese marks the development of human rights to a new stage, indicates that the road of the development of human rights China characteristics will move toward a new success, means that China push forward the cause of human rights will make greater contribution to the realization of the dream Chinese. The action plan consists of seven parts, as follows: introduction; economic, social and cultural rights; civil rights and political rights; specific collective rights; human rights education and research; human rights treaties and international exchanges and cooperation; implementation and supervision. Although the overall structure of the two action plan and before the difference is not big, but deep comparison will find it better, in many respects further, showing a lot of new. First of all, it is a five year action plan, and thus the "13th Five-Year" plan closely and highly fit, is conducive to China’s economic and social development and the progress of human rights to achieve the same resonance frequency and produce positive reaction "". The previous two national human rights action plan for a period of two years, four years. In fact, the development of new national human rights action plan, closely combined with the implementation of the "13th Five-Year" program, three kinds of rights are part of it fully absorbed the relevant content outline. Second, it is in the guiding ideology, basic principles and objectives to achieve the upgrade and improve, to a new level. The guiding ideology has been enhanced and improved, a series of important speech of general secretary Xi Jinping, four overall strategic layout, five development ideas to fully deserve included, clearly adhere to the development of thought "people centered, emphasizes the right to survival and development to protect people in the first place comprehensive development, will enhance the well-being of the people and promote the development of human rights as the starting point and end point, confident and solemnly declared that" in the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation China dream journey, is all the people of the right to get a higher level of security, so the China dream and the people as the center of the development of the cause of human rights more closely together. The basic principle has been developed and perfected, from the original "according to the law to promote, promote a comprehensive, pragmatic" three principles, development to the present ", according to the law to promote coordination to promote, promote pragmatic and equal promotion, work together to promote the" five principles, and each principle defined more precise and easy to understand. The target has obvious expansion and upgrade: one is in the protection of economic, social and cultural rights, added a new target of poverty, the protection of property rights, and stressed that "make all the people sharing in the development of more gain a sense of"; two is in the protection of civil rights and political rights according to law, put forward higher requirements for law enforcement and justice, emphasizing "smooth and innovative channels, promote the citizen’s right to know, right to participate, the expression of the full realization of" right and right of supervision; three is in the full protection of all types of specific groups of rights, more Ming)相关的主题文章: