The national heroes Dragon Quest x November 10th open test antik

The national heroes "Dragon Quest" X November 10th open test score of 7.7 CGWR novice card booking | Dragon Quest X area "Dragon Quest X" ended in November 4th the forerunner test, after only 3 days, Shanda announced today that the game will open test on November 10th, when the game will launch a new UI interface, compatible mouse and keyboard operation. It is reported that in October 19th before the appointment and the list of mobile phone game player can be two days in advance of the game for free, the server will be officially on November 10th at 10 in the morning opening, and the appointment in October 8th 10 points on the game player can play today. Note that the November 8th 10:00-11 10 10:00 during the game is free, and in November 10th 10:00 officially deducted monthly number of days. Of course, the players involved in the first two tests can enter the test. At the same time, on October 11th, the game will be on sale again adventurers registration, even before the two test did not participate in the game, can also purchase landing permit. Open test details: the first test of the professional level of the upper limit of 50, the level of the staff (craftsman) level of · vocational training points open to 5 points. · the main goal of this test is to knock down and Pluto, a variety of interesting foreign missions will also open · open the occupation: Warrior, monk, magic, fighting, treasure home and travel artist · new occupation: Paladin, ranger. · open man (craftsman): carpentry, tailoring, props, forging, gold and gold pot lamp · convenient leveling magic maze game player game, all kinds of convenience and facilities will be open · open facilities: jewelry shop, LAN Wen to synthesis of springs, beauty salons, cutting and dyeing shop shop, carriage, traveler market, hotel, church, banks, pubs and adventurers Jobs Recruitment, post office, fashion, skills reset, troops and weapons stores, stores, Dole, floating plate armor material store and store props etc.. Sina’s statement: posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that agree with their views or confirm the description.相关的主题文章: