The name of art under the banner of the garbage into flower city public art 9c8814

The name of art under the banner of the garbage of public art into a flower city last weekend, the city public art and Design Forum held in China Central Academy of Fine Arts. When Floren, the Dutch, took to the podium, the harvest was far more than the applause and screaming from other guests. Since the large device "his 3 years ago from the Victoria Harbour of Hongkong ducks swim into the Beijing the Summer Palace, he captured in China too many fans, as the spokesman of public art. Wang Peng, indeed, after the "rhubarb duck", public art is becoming a hot word. To introduce the name of public art exhibition doubled; some had only suitable for indoor exhibition art form, also stately jump into the street. However, behind the vanity, the future of public art, it seems more and more worrying. The 798 Art Festival, which is just under the banner of art, has launched a public art invitational exhibition called "amusement park", trying to intervene in the public perception of art with public sculpture. Instead, tourists have Tucao no sense". The gate of an art district "device space". It is a hot topic on the Shenzhou spacecraft heaven, but with a lot of concrete and several large pieces of metal together a "grotesque", people really can not guess the author’s mind. A mother and the children leaned over and pulled out for metal surface rust dirty clothes for the children. And those placed in the community sculpture situation is even worse, because it is too abstract, no explanation, no one can understand, and even become a tool for drying clothes. Aimed at creating a city art space of the art exhibition, is held in Beijing SKP shopping art center. Although it is called "public art", it is difficult to attract people to stop. In the central hall of the sheep sculpture around put several red high-heeled shoes, people quite understand: Pastoral reflection or consumption? It was estimated that nearly 3 years the number of domestic public art exhibition has almost doubled. This is the public art of the fastest growth in a year, large art fair art Beijing launched a special public art exhibition, and public art into the community and the mall is more like "" meet the eye everywhere, is the large French elsewhere "installation art exhibition", "the new Silk Road starting point — the first" golden dream "international outdoor sculpture exhibition" "Chinese attitude — the fourth China sculpture exhibition etc.. "Almost step to meet the public art angle. Unfortunately, too little attention can be raised." Xi Yaoyi, an art critic. Chinese Architectural Association honorary chairman of Song Chunhua’s criticism is more direct: "a number of public art is not vulgar, not worth the problem, but not good-looking, can’t even see." In his view, despite the rise of public art, but decent work is rare. Some residents want to add artistic atmosphere, just put a few pieces of sculpture trouble, do not take into account the integration with the surrounding environment and the acceptance of the residents. Today, the city in addition to domestic waste, construction waste, but also a banner under the banner of the art of garbage heap." He said. Lack of interaction相关的主题文章: